ShieldWall Network Defends Three Confederate Monuments

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Despite being spread thin in having to simultaneously attend three separate protests at the same time in different locations on a weekday afternoon with very little notice, on Friday August 19th The ShieldWall Network alerted local White residents and different right-wing groups to Antifa’s threat to destroy three specific Confederate monuments in Arkansas. In each case, the monuments were successfully defended. From the men who surrounded the Confederate Soldiers monument at the State Capitol to  those who helped rally the State Park security in JacksonPort, to the crowd of several dozen citizens who came out to protect the statue at the White County Court House, we networked and expanded our outreach all day. This was the fourth time this summer that Antifa has been publicly defeated and humiliated in Arkansas by The ShieldWall Network.

I and other ShieldWall Network affiliates made comments aired on the Arkansas NBC…

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Alcohol Abuse by Talena

Shield Of Sobriety

Alcohol Abuse
I am constantly seeing and hearing people brag about how drunk they’ve got or how much they’ve drunk like it’s something to be proud of, well I have news for you Abusing Alcohol is nothing to be proud of. Then you get the people who encourage this behaviour in others, when, maybe we as their friends, brothers and sisters, should be doing everything we can to help them with this problem and actually be telling them to pull their head in. Being a drunk is no better than being a drug addict. As White Nationalist who supposedly strive to be better than others, this behaviour should not be tolerated, and I personally find it appalling that not only is it happening but it is being encouraged. Those that have been involved in the movement for a long time and who are looked up to, should be acting as an example to the youngsters/newcomers.
Abusing any drug…

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Nationalist Women’s Front and Blood & Honour

Nationalist Women's Front

We are honoured to announce that we are now part of Blood & Honour American Division. Some of us have worked tirelessly over the years to host or co-host events and help where ever help has been needed to ensure a successful event, and we are now pleased that we can stand side by side with our men, in racial unity, under a widely recognized banner with a respected purpose. We are here to compliment our men, not compete with them. Additionally, we want to uphold the traditions as stated below”to further the interests of our Folk and the global effort to preserve our race and communities through communication, unity, and cooperation.”

We look forward to the future endeavors with you all.
Blood & Honour American Division:

An Introduction

The following is a brief offering of general information concerning Blood & Honour, its history, its purpose, its platform, and its…

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StormFront Conference September 30th!

The Roper Report

Two weeks after the Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Concert in Southern California, and the week following the ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas, comes the StormFront Conference in Eastern Tennesssee. Come hear Don Black, David Duke, Sam Dickson, and other speakers, as well as fellowship and build camaraderie with other White Nationalists. Rest assured that no Jews, race mixers, or homosexuals will be present at this event.

My wife and I will be there, though, and would love to meet more readers of The Roper Report and listeners to The Roper Report podcast in person, so make your plans to attend, now!

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A great weekend of fellowship!

The Roper Report

Around fifteen overnight campers and a half dozen daytime visitors braved the warm weather to enjoy a weekend of hiking, swimming, river rafting, archery, shooting, and camping in the beautiful Arkansas Ozarks this weekend.We explored mountains, caves, creeks, and waterfalls, as well as enjoying each other’s company in real life. Good food and many personal stories were shared.

At night, the kids enjoyed smores at the campfire while the adults were entertained by acoustic guitar songs and had some laughs. The ShieldWall Network summer campout was capped off by a meeting Saturday night to plan future activities and the next get-together in September in central Arkansas. Thank you to all who attended, and for those who weren’t able, contact The ShieldWall to find out how you can get involved before the next meeting!

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