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Why aren’t you in the kitchen?

By: Tina Roper


It has come to my attention from countless men, that they have trouble finding a woman who enjoys cooking, much less a woman who even knows how to cook. They are encountering women who even brag about the fact that they don’t cook. Gotta love feminism huh? Well, I find that to be very disheartening, for, if our women are not cooking, then they and their families must be surviving off fat (fast)food. Which means our women are not making healthy choices, which means our kids and men are not healthy eating either. Women, you underestimate how much your choices affect our people. So, if you lack the basic skills needed for cooking, now’s the time to stop making excuses and learn those basic skills.

Learn how to read a recipe, how to properly slice and dice, how to season food, how to scramble eggs, how to cook rice, how to cook meat, how to cook vegetables, how to roast a chicken, how to use a crock pot, how to care for cast iron cookware, how to make a sandwich even. Learn how to read food labels to make better choices based on ingredients, learn food safety and storage skills.

Not all of us make it to professional chef level, but it’s important that we learn the basics so we can feed our families in healthy satisfying ways. Your body also, deserves your own homemade cooking, over that of fast food in which you have no idea what you’re eating.

My first cookbook that I actually learned from at age 18, was How to Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman. I also obtained some 1950-1970 cookbooks I had found at various thrift stores. If you can’t afford to buy any cookbooks, go to your public library and check out some beginner cookbooks.

There is no valid excuse for you not to get in the kitchen ladies, you will be surprised at the pride you feel watching others enjoy meals that were prepared by your own hands.

The Responsibilities of the National-Socialist Women’s Association – German Women’s Work

"Neues Europa"

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink-Portrait Photo

We want to educate women who, with their natural mode of living, their intelligence, and their real truthfulness raise strong new generations.


The NSF-DF is the National Socialist organization for women and it is responsible for female education in all political Weltanschaulichem, spiritual-cultural, housekeeping and social issues a woman is concerned with. The political mission is carried out by the National Socialist Women’s Association, which is the association of female leaders. The National Socialist Women’s Association is a subdivision of the NSDAP. Due to the party’s division of territories the National Socialist Women’s Association in all its responsibilities and special organizational tasks, works closely together with the Hoheitstrager in the respective territory. Therefore, the female leader of the Women’s Association is on the staff of the Hoheitstrager. The highest administrative department is the Reichs Women’s Leadership.

The departments in all Districts, circles and district groups are structured…

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Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, Reich Women’s Leader, on the Christian Faith and Principles in National Socialist life

Justice for Germans

Excerpt from a speech entitled “The Commitment and Role of Women in the National Socialist State” by the “Reichsfrauenfuehrerin” (Reich Women’s Leader) Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, held at the Women’s rally during the District Congress of the NSDAP in Munich, October 1936. It was reproduced in a small, pocket size book, containing 33 pages. This is my own English translation beginning at the second paragraph of page 26, and continuing through to then of page 33 (ie. to the end of the speech). For those who read German, the original full speech is here.

There are other speeches by Frau Scholtz-Klink available which are already translated, and well worth reading, and I will post some of them in the future, or portions thereof.  However, I had not found this one elsewhere. I find it very significant for the reason that she addressed Christianity within National Socialism  and expressed very clearly, how they were intertwined…

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Tradition Does Not Mean Stagnation, But Rather Obligation by Getrud Scholtz-Klink

Background: Getrud Scholtz-Klink was the head of the Nazi women’s organization. A model Nazi woman, she had six children by her first marriage and a seventh by her third, and remained an unrepentant National Socialist after the war. In this speech delivered at the 1938 Nuremberg rally, she speaks of her group’s activities and wanders into rather murky philosophy.

The source: Tradition heißt nicht Stillstand sondern Verpflichtung. Frauenkundgebung Reichsparteitag Großdeutschland 1938 (Berlin: Deutsche Frauenwerk, 1938).

Tradition Does Not Mean Stagnation, But Rather Obligation


Getrud Scholtz-Klink

True faith has always demanded the effort and the devotion of the individual.
In our day and with our Führer, it demands the most joyful effort and devotion of an entire nation!

— Gertrud Scholtz-Klink —

For the fifth time since the takeover of power, we women gather at the Reich Party Rally — and after only five brief years in German history, our Führer has brought German Austria home, despite all the difficulties we faced. We welcome those women here today no longer as our secret guests, but as our equals.

We Germans can thank fate each day that we live in such a great age. Mass meetings like today’s are simply a collective expression of that thanks. We women especially have every reason to be thankful, since we have been able to follow from year to year the faith and the will that has grown over this period in our work. We had no textbook or example — only our warm hearts and a desire to build a women’s community worthy of the greatness of the National Socialist worldview.

Scholtz-Klink photoEach year at our mass meeting, alongside all the reports, we have chosen a guiding idea that should set the tone for the answers to the questions that most occupy the hearts and minds of our women in the respective year. Once, we attempted to deal with worries about religions questions. The next year, we showed our women that Bolshevism is the incarnation of evil in the world, calling them to be servants and fighters for the good. Last year, we not only destroyed the myth of oppressed German women, but also proved with convincing evidence that in no other country are women so deeply involved in the internal and external affairs of the nation as they are in Germany.

At the same time, we could report that the Deutsche Frauenwerk [German Women’s Work] had taken on its final form, and that our task in coming years must be to fill completely our women with everything that results from what we have already achieved.

This is but a small part of the challenge that fate has given the German nation, but it can be achieved only when each of us always is clear how much our people depends on her efforts. We have, therefore, focused this year’s women’s mass meeting not on formal reports, but rather have made an attempt to place what has to be said under a theme that is the command of the hour for us all:

Tradition does not mean stagnation, but rather obligation!

The Führer has taught the citizens of the German nation that the individual cannot be at the center of events if the state is to be healthy and strong, but rather that the eternal laws of strength and order require bonds to a community.

He has further taught us — in contrast to the surrounding world — that such bonds can never be temporary, but rather that they must be firm and unbreakable.

Each of us has an unbreakable bond to the community. Each of us has done what she could to help the Führer. We went our way, and do today, with outstretched hands, willing to welcome anyone who wants to go along with us.

The obligations of the community are determined by the nature of our community, which believes in the greatness of the German nation.

The more we look back on our people’s history, the more we realize that only the driving power of this faith has preserved our people up to this day, and that our weakest and most shameful moments have always been those in which there were not enough selfless fighters who believed in Germany.

Real faith always sees but one goal, a goal for which no battle can be too hard, no burden too heavy, no path too long, no wait too long, and no love great enough.

Aware of the deep justice of our cause, there are two things that cannot be separated from true faith: the daily struggle for the goal, and determined persistence in the various aspects of the struggle.

He who speaks of faith, but does nothing, chatters empty words,

and is satisfied with thinking about “that which is possible” as long as he does not have to do anything— because he is unable to do anything. He is satisfied to be a safe beneficiary standing on the sidelines.

The face of our nation in all the twists of fate throughout history, however, has been formed by those who were consumed by faith in the greatness of this people. Fate has always given us people who longed for a great German Reich, who fought for it on the most varied battlefields, and who passed on the burning torch of their faith to succeeding generations. The knowledge that the best over the centuries have fought is surely enough by itself to obligate our generation to do its part to fulfill this ancient faith. How much more, then, are we obligated at a time when fate has given us a Führer who is the living embodiment of the true faith of our age! In the past, true faith has demanded the action and devotion of individuals. In our day under our Führer, it demands the most joyful action and devotion of an entire nation!

That brings us to the just demand that fate may make of the community of our nation, since it has given us such a Führer. Through his attitudes, through his teaching, through his revelation, this Führer has brought to life faith and an awareness of the strength of our nation. He therefore has the right to demand the use of that strength. History also teaches us that the faith of many great individual Germans in the past accomplished little because the community in which they lived thought “their goals to be possible,” but were not ready to fight for them.

In our most wretched days, we learned to believe in a person and in his idea. Thus, we fought wherever it was necessary, with the complete conviction that true faith demands if its goal is to be achieved.

During difficult years, these demands apply to everyone, regardless of class or age. For the first time, we want to build and leave behind us a German Reich that is strong economically, intellectually, and spiritually, a nation in which a confident and proud people may live.

It is obvious that the younger generation must be included in this community. It will accept the cause with open hearts. At our last women’s congress, for example, we gave our youth groups tasks of serving the community, in addition to their paid jobs. A few months later, we made another appeal to the honor of our young girls, calling them to join women working for social welfare and health care.

Currently, there is a significant shortage of new women employees in social services, due to the National Socialist state’s programs in health care and social services, particularly in comparison to the years before 1933. This has naturally had a negative impact on the health of the German people. Overcoming this labor shortage cannot be done at the moment simply by stronger recruitment for the affected professions, for we lack the schools, and the necessary training takes several years of intensive effort.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to supplement the work of the current professional staff with lay women,

until sufficient trained staff are available to release the lay staff. The work of the Reichsfrauenführung in organizing these women is justified because the Reichsfrauenführung developed the idea, which is only a temporary one.

Women’s work can be done in these areas:

  1. supporting nurses in the health care system,
  2. assisting welfare workers and kindergarten teachers.

The term in the women’s labor service is two years. It begins with the first day of work.

Assignments are made by the county office of the Deutsche Frauenwerk, labor department. It arranges a contract between the employer and the offices of the women’s labor service.

This contract is not a permanent position under the labor law and Paragraph 11 of the Fürsorgepflichtordnung.

Members of the women’s labor service have a right to:

  1. free accommodation, as long as they are not living at home with their family,
  2. food,
  3. daily spending money of RM .20 in the first six months, and RM .50 for the following period,
  4. work clothing,
  5. a vacation of 15 working days in their first year, and 18 working days in the second year,
  6. free medical care and hospitalization in the case of illness and accidents.

Participants in the women’s labor service, upon completion of their two-year term, receive a grant of RM 1,000 upon marriage.

All labor and social benefits applicable to soldiers and men in the labor service apply as appropriate to members of the women’s labor service.

After six months of service, members of the women’s labor service may apply for training as nurses, social workers, and kindergarten teachers. Up to six months of service in the women’s labor service can be counted as part of such professional training.

Upon entering these occupations, their term in the women’s labor service ends.

Satisfactory completion of a six month period in the girl’s labor service will be counted as a half year of service in social services, upon presentation of the labor service identification document.

Just three months after publication of the program, we can announce that as of 1.9.1938, 3,000 girls are active.

Two years in the women’s labor service in social services and health care within the Deutsche Frauenwerk is equivalent to the obligatory year instituted on 15.2.1938 by the president of the Reichsanstalt für Arbeitsvermittlung und Arbeitslosenversicherung for increased involvement of women in agricultural and household service.

Companies in the clothing, textile, and tobacco industries may employ single women under 25 who were not employed prior too 1.3.1938 only if they have worked for at least a year in agriculture or household service, and have evidence of this from the Labor Office in their labor book.

The same limitation apples to all private and public firms and offices when hiring for commercial or office positions.

If In the case of an apprenticeship, the obligatory year can be completed immediately after the apprenticeship is finished.

In uncertain cases, the Labor Office in the area of the factory will determine whether the situation falls under the regulations. Its decision is binding for the courts.

Der Arbeitsdienst, der Landdienst, die Landhilfe, die ländliche Hausarbeitslehre, das hauswirtschaftliche Jahr sowie die Teilnahme an einem vom Arbeitsamt durchgeführten oder geförderten land- oder hauswirtschaftlichen Lehrgang gelten als Tätigkeit in der Land- oder Hauswirtschaft. [I’m not familiar enough with all the distinctions in this paragraph to make a confident translation.]

Through these measures, we want to ensure that each young girl who enters one of these professions has proven that she can serve the community for a year before she can herself make demands of the community.

We must use this opportunity to speak to some mothers. If your daughter wants to, or must, participate, do not do anything that will reflect unfavorably on your honor, or on that of your daughter, for example, a newspaper advertisement along these lines: “Seeking a position for my daughter’s service year. Requirements: central heating, hot water, no children!”

If a people is guided by a worldview that puts its faith in the future on a banner, and this people does all in its power to ensure this future, then the source of its future has every right to protection and help: mothers who have many children. Therefore your daughter, who perhaps is your only one, should learn about this so that she will have a richer and perhaps more honorable life than in the past.

In discussing the labor service, I would like briefly to remember the achievements of the last year in the area of assisting neighbors, harvest help, caring for children in NSV camps, and also caring for wives and children of prisoners. This is all done quietly, from the knowledge that our movement’s faith can only achieve its goals if people join in from every side.

In reviewing our community service, we can say:

In our motherhood courses, we have served 1,663,054 participants in 83,381 courses, in 279 mothers’ schools with a total of 3681 teachers.

We have 9,064 youth groups with 160,000 girls.

Our factory women’s groups include 30,000 girls.

In our home economics department, 1,472,429 women participated in 65,720 courses. There were 127,292 speeches and 5,857 public gatherings (exhibitions, etc.).

This area in particular, the relations between the national economy and home economics, is suited like no other to prove that faith in an idea is the most fruitful life force.

How many women come to us at first saying: Leave me alone! I don’t understand your ideas at all. I don’t know anything about economics! She has never thought about the fact that, for example, the machine — a physical reality — that gives her husband work and pay did not fall from heaven with directions for using it. Instead, the faith of a person was necessary to make a hundred parts from raw materials. Only then could it provide work and pay. And there was a time when the machine stood silent, and we got unemployment benefits, but the money itself was of no use to us, since it no longer had a health relationship with what the machines that still functioned produced. Once again, it took one man’s idea, and his faith in its realization, to get the machine functioning again and to preserve our lives.

Look wherever you wish. All that exists comes from the battle for an idea, which faith makes real.

The more people believe, the sooner it becomes real; the more passive, or even negative, they are, the longer before success. Such a battle may last for weeks, months, years, and centuries, even for millennia. Adam and Eve knew that leaves are not only beautiful on trees, but also that they may be used for clothing. It took until our day for us to realize that not only the leaves, but the whole tree is useful, this despite the fact that trees were a physical reality that people could see in front of them for millennia. It took the idea of a person of our age, and his faith in its realization, to show the way to that which has benefited us all.

Or take the battle for our daily bread, and in the truest sense of the word. We had an unusually good harvest this year, but we may not forget that it depends on untiring labor from our farmers. Without their labor, all the favorable conditions and all the blessings of heaven are of no value. These efforts depend primarily because German farmers are filled with the will to work as hard as they can to produce as much as possible from the soil, since they do not want to disappoint the Führer’s faith in our ability to depend on our own strength. The path the German Ostmark [Austria] took in returning to the Reich is another example. How long our brothers and sisters had to watch as we lived and worked under the protection of the Führer, while they had to stand to one side. If things had gone the way the apostles of realistic thinking wanted, the Ostmark would never have returned. It was brought home by the Führer’s faith, which was ready to do all when the Führer called!

We must keep this strength in mind, holding this fighting fighting faith of the nation, with all its depths, before our eyes, since only it can enable us to reach our goal, and because

no sacrifice, however hard it may seem to the individual, is too great to be made.

Here, too, we must look back in our history if we are to recognize the uniqueness of our age, and if we are to realize its just claim on our full efforts. For centuries, the literature and songs of our people have expressed the longing for a great German Reich, and during the same time hundreds and thousands of the best Germans in distant lands gave their lives for foreign foreign leaders, though these had nothing to do with the longed-for German unity. When things went well for us in the past, we did not always use the opportunities. No, indeed, it was very often the case that during good times that we could have exploited, we sold our bodies abroad and shed the blood of our best on soil we could not till. No one in the past asked about he wisdom of such sacrifices, though historians may have written about the famous trait of the Germans, ready always to be wounded for the sake of foreign interests! Despite the fact that we made countless sacrifices over the centuries that made no contribution to our people or to its unity, fate did not let our people perish. As things took their final and most dangerous course, and as we risked our very existence as a nation for international matters after the revolution of 1918, fate gave us the Führer! Through him we finally realized that, if could not refrain from risking our lives, that at least it should be for our own benefit! If our fate is to sacrifice, then let it be to our own benefit, and to the fulfillment of our historic mission.

Today we are making sacrifices. In view of our past, should we not continue proudly, confident in victory? Tradition means obligation. It means not only holding to what is great, but also learning from mistakes! We should keep this side of our people’s traditions in mind as well, just as we do the more positive elements that we see alive around us each day. If we do that, we will more quickly find the strength to bear our present sacrifices, carrying them together with the community and thus helping each other. We thank the Führer for showing us the greatness of our past by drawing on the sources of German faith over the centuries. We also thank him for showing us the failures of the past, and for having the courage to lead the way in overcoming them as our best comrade. The sacrifices we as individuals must bring are small in comparison to the great goal of national self-awareness, particularly if we realize that our sacrifices will determine the fate of the generations that will follow.

A people can only expect as much good fortune as it is ready to sacrifice for. That is true for peoples as well as individuals. He who wants to be loved must love. He who wants to have a friend must be a friend. He who wants to march with others must be a comrade. Otherwise, he is one of those miserable creatures who wants to harvest without sowing, who want to be loved while turning others away, from whom life has always withheld its blessings, even if that is not always immediately evident. A people, however, that is ready to pay any price of which it is capable for its happiness and prosperity has its own fate in its hands. It approaches life as an honest fighter who wants to be given nothing, but who also will not surrender anything he has gained without a fight! The members of such a people will always know their human limits, and will know that one cannot pick stars from heaven in the same way that one picks apples from a tree. As long as there are stars, however, they remind us that we can never cease our struggles for new knowledge, since we Germans are always attracted by that which is distant and never shrink from difficulties.

He who wishes to achieve and preserve anything great in life must understand the eternal laws of this life, which requires the willingness to fight if one is to achieve anything great.

This is true in the lives of peoples just as in the lives of individuals. Many human “disappointments” result only because a person ignores these laws. He happily takes something that fate has given him, doing not the least to use this gift, to make it is own. Whether this is an intellectual gift or a person, whether a blessing for a people or for an individual, the same laws always apply. He who ignores them will suffer; he who follows them will be blessed.

We obeyed these laws as a people. We want our people to be happy, and we know that we must pay for it with our lives. Because we know this, our community has the foundation of success. The more people who are willing to carry a burden, the lighter it is, and the faster we will reach our goal. Fate itself helps us at the most difficult times by allowing us now and then a look behind the scenes, which we can use to serve our nation. It may be in the racial policy area or economics. As long as we breathe, we will thus continue fighting from our desire to live and from obedience to life. We do this not for ourselves, for we are but an atom in eternity, but for our people for which we must each do our part.

The greatest truths have been before us for millennia: the creation with the earth that bears us and the stars that always hold open new possibilities. That has been clear to us for millennia. And we know this from our history: this fills us with awe. But it was the Führer, not a scientist, who taught us to view these laws not only as scientific principles, but to follow them in the everyday life of our people.

Final truth has but one home, God himself — but there are two ways we humans can reach it. There is the instinctive path of our soul, and the probing force of our understanding. They have always had two great enemies: the stupidity of rigid irreverence and that dogma which attempts to take the partial knowledge of the moment and make of it binding truth for all times.

We National Socialists know that everything that is inwardly false cannot stand up to life. We have always tried to understand the laws of life and to follow them as we fought for the nation. We want to continue doing this because we believe that our efforts will then have to be successful. If we do our part in German history, we will be a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow, leaving our mark on the times. As the supreme law, we want above all to teach our children:

Faith in the greatness of Germany is the foundation of your future!

This faith demands action, for which no sacrifice is too great!

With this will, we return to our work.

Let us strive to ensure that our work is always good, and constantly becomes even better;

Let our prime goal always be to ensure that our work can always meet the Führer’s approval;

And may God help us to contribute to the glory of German history!



The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women By:E.B. Part 1

The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women


“The woman has her own battlefield with every child she brings into the world she fights a battle for the nation”

I have spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to come to terms with my traditionalist values. Not because I believed those values were wrong, but because I had spent so much of my life hearing rhetoric that told me that my desire to be the princess, the wife, the mother… was some how negating my strength and the strength of millions of women before me. It was a small struggle recognizing how I had fallen for the liberal agenda that teaches women that their nature is destructive and we should all burn our bras, leave our armpits hairy and have emotionless sex with anyone and everyone. Of course, I never went to huge extremes but I felt the overwhelming pull towards traditionalism and a simultaneous fear of social castration if I followed through with that internal desire. 

Once I finally accepted that part of me couldn’t keep hiding anymore, I had to face a sad reality: traditional values have become the counter culture and the expectation of a woman in today’s society is essentially to be a man with breast (and, frankly not even that counts anymore because they can simply be taken on or off like a pair of cheap shoes).

When I first began my path towards being a woman of the Fourth realm, I wanted to really delve into what that meant both to myself as an individual but also to the society around me and the society that will generated through me. I researched the ideologies of great leaders, the expectations of women during the peak of traditionalism, and stayed up many a night trying to pinpoint exactly what I believed in, would battle for, and would build the foundation of my future family on. I’ve found that there are 8 primary ideals of a Traditionalist woman and I will expand on each in different parts.

1 – Symbiosis Between the Worlds

2 – Refusing Guilt of the Complicit

3 – Bearing the Burden 

4 – The Value of Natural Beauty

5 – Permanence

6 – Emotional Acceptance

7 – The Portrait of a Lady

Part 1 – Symbiosis Between the Worlds 

(a.k.a. Know Your Place, Love Your Place)

“Providence has entrusted to the woman the cares of that world which is her very own, and only on the basis of this smaller world can the man’s world be formed and built up. The two worlds are not antagonistic. They complement each other,”

Feminists today often claim that we live in a world drowning in misogyny, but I have come to believe that neither gender is more powerful than the other. Instead, I believe that the two genders are congruent puzzle pieces. Man and woman are designed to work in tandem.  When we see that truth, it is easy to recognize that women are not meant to pick up arms and battle for freedom any more than a man is meant to pick up an infant and feed it from his breast. 

Since the beginning, men have instinctually known that their responsibility was to be strong protecters of the gentler sex with stone or sword or shotgun while women were responsible for providing a haven worthy for men to protect with dignity and honor. Yet, the two worlds have become so embattled and conflated that both responsibilities are lost. Homes are in broken. Men are weak-willed and women are cheap. Families are simply strangers living under the same roof.

Today’s children are growing up too fast, losing any sense of respect, and degrading themselves en masse. Why? When a woman comes home from work, she is incredibly tired and still has a laundry list of things left to do (including laundry). Since a woman’s physical stamina is less than a male, it’s hard not to rely on the path of least resistance. So the solution? She turns on the television, hands over an iPad, or sends them to the gaming consoles. These cold and lifeless tools tend to her children for hours on end and subsequently all concepts of etiquette and dignity are lost to satellite waves and good wifi. 

A man can work long, brutal days and still have the energy and inclination to come home and fix the things that need their attention. Women are often so mentally and physically exhausted that she reaches out for help from what ever tool is quickest and easiest. I’m not saying I blame women. Sometimes it is hard to juggle so much housework and childcare AND have a full time job. But, our culture has pushed for the ‘women in the workforce’ mentality so hard that women are forced to be spread too thin, so she, her children, and her husband must skimp on their most basic needs. 

Of course, the counter-argument to this in the new liberal ideology is that this gives men the opportunity to be ‘equal parents’. Absolute rubbish. What this mentality does is force a singular entity to carry on both roles thus conflate and diminishing them both. Men have their own, unique role to their children. They are supposed to be a source of discipline and pride. They are supposed to ‘prepare them for the real world’ and teach them skills and focus through life lessons and personal example. Women are supposed to be the healers, the emotional support and guidance. Not a single one of these tools is less important than the other, and despite all argument to the contrary, each tool is best utilized by the gender who naturally masters it.


Mrs. Roper


“Can’t we all just get along? ”

We have all heard liberals asking that question in reference to wanting us to embrace diversity, but I’m wondering if that question can be applied within our movement. Over the last ten years that I’ve watched the cyber part of the movement, I have seen many try and give up on the idea that our people can unite for the sake of preserving our race. I have watched countless, ugly and dramatic infighting among those in organizations, of course then there is the fighting among different organizations. I understand that especially when it comes to religion, we are divided. Also, those who think welcoming homosexuality and Jews… well, I see them as destructive to the cause and this is not a question I would ask them.

I especially wonder why the females in the movement can’t get along… ladies, if the liberal females…

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May 20th ShieldWall Network meeting update.

The Roper Report

I have reserved the private meeting room in (a North-central Arkansas town) for our meeting on Saturday, May 20th. I’ll let everyone know exactly what time and which place it will be closer to the event date. Please do not post or share the name of the city or any more detailed information publicly, in order to make sure that our venue remains secure. Please DO invite all of your friends to attend, if they are like-minded. (You CAN discuss it on the private facebook group, since that is how several affiliates stay in touch).
At the meeting, we will finalize plans for our summer campout, which is open to all ShieldWall Network and Shield Maiden affiliates and their families.
We also will discuss our progress on the five challenge steps to becoming a person of influence in our respective communities. As a reminder, they are:

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Facts about the Matt Hale case by: Evelyn Hutcheson

by Evelyn Hutcheson

I am Matthew Hales mother. Does anyone care that our corrupt justice system (Federal court system) in this case and the government (FBI) has locked away an innocent man for 40 years because he stood for and believed in the First Amendment, (Freedom of Speech) without any evidence? Matt was tried and convicted in Federal court in Hammond, Indiana in 2005 for having solicited the murder of Chicago Federal Judge Joan Lefkow. James T. Moody was the judge in the trial. No evidence was ever presented during the trial that Matt ever asked anyone to commit murder. Matt is an innocent man who has suffered at the hands of our corrupt government, the FBI and our corrupt justice system.

The government had Tony Evola, a government informant which they paid $75,000 of our tax money to tape conversations with Matt over a 2 year period to attempt to get evidence that they could use to put Matt away. On these tapes, never once did Matt ever ask this informant to kill anybody. Matt refused Evola several times on the tapes. In fact, Evola was confused as to who the government wanted Matt to ask him to kill. He thought the target was a man. When the government (FBI)realized that Evola thought the target was a man, they had him send Matt an email referring to the target as being femala, (the word Evola used for female) (Evola is mentally challenged) to further their plan to charge Matt.

Matt arrived at the courthouse in Chicago to go before Judge Joan Lefkow regarding a Trademark case and he was arrested. Judge Lefkow had ruled in Matt’s favor in the Trademark case and a higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision and Matt was there to appeal that ruling. He had no animosity towards Judge Lefkow. He never wanted her killed. He was there to appeal her ruling she had reversed. A higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision.

Matt was not present for the entire jury selection even though he never waived that right. His attorney made that decision without asking Matt. Matt was only present for 52%. The law is that he had the right to be present for the entire jury selection.

When Evola testified in the trial, because nothing on the tapes revealed Matt asking Evola to kill the judge, Evola testified that he asked Matt if he wanted him (Evola) to kill the judge and Matt nodded.

Matt suspected that Evola was a government informant, he wasn’t concerned because he knew he would always follow the law and never do anything illegal. Matt went to Law School to become an attorney and work to make legal change in the government and our court system.

Recently, Matt discovered that the jury foreman had testified in another unrelated case that he had disobeyed the judges order not to read anything about Matt and the case or listen to the media. After being accepted as one of the jurors, he went home and did in fact follow the media coverage about Matt and the case disobeying the judges order. He had run home and removed a note on his door saying that he was going to be a juror on Matt Hales trial because he was afraid one of Matt’s supporters might harm him or his partner.

Matt’s attorney had a list of over 100 witnesses and never called one to testify. When Matt told his attorney that he wanted to testify, his attorney told Matt that he wasn’t prepared to do that.

Judge James T. Moody allowed another mans crime into Matts trial. It was very obvious that the judge was prejudiced against Matt as was the prosecutor.

Matt’s attorney Thomas Durkin of Chicago told the jury they should find Matt guilty on moral charges. He told the jury how disgusting Matt was in so many words.

The last statement the prosecutor said to the jury is that the government had evidence that Matthew Hale ordered one of his organization to go out and kill and injure many people. This is totally untrue. There was never any evidence presented at trial that Matt ever asked anybody to kill anyone. Matt’s attorney never objected, the judge never asked the jury to disallow that statement.

The trial was tainted and prejudiced, the jury foreman who was homosexual, feared Matt supporters. He went into the jury room ready to find Matt guilty before hearing any evidence (there was no evidence).

The judge sentenced Matt using the sentencing guidelines used to sentence a terrorist. Matt isn’t a terrorist. He gave Matt a 40 year sentence, Matt has been in solitary confinement at Florence Supermax prison for over 12 years for a crime he never committed. He is innocent of any crime and Judge Moody, the prosecutor and the government know it. Matt is a political prisoner.

Matt has asked repeatedly to have a polygraph to prove his innocents and has been refused. Recently, he sent David Bindi, the prosecutor who has taken the place of David Weisman, the prosecutor that prosecuted Matt, a letter asking for a polygraph and was refused again. They know that a polygraph would prove Matt innocent.

For all the reasons given above, Matt is entitled to a new trial. Everything I have said in the above statements are true. I challenged anyone to read the trial transcript and find any untruths in any statement in the above factual accounts of the trial.

This is a travesty, to have this kind of corruption in our government, our FBI and our court system. To lock a person away for 40 years because that person has unpopular views and opinions. What has happened to freedom of speech, freedom of religion? What has happened to our country?

The Reawakening Traditionalist Women and The Power of Apron Strings by: E.B.

The Reawakening Traditionalist Women and The Power of Apron Strings
Written by: E.B.
We live in a world today that is at war with itself. Women in today’s society are forced in to two opposing boxes that the left has readily labeled without second thought: The Proud Whore and The Lost Wife.
Those in the ever expanding “Slut Box” have wide mouths that quickly cry victim when their male counterparts cat call them yet their legs grow even wider with each notch on their polyamourous bed post. The hypocrisy of this group never seems to end as they take pride in a hook up culture that decimates individual self worth while bolstering the group in some hollow notion that giving away our bodies like Mardi Gras beads is somehow the definition of empowerment. These women inevitably end up old and alone as each passing year makes them more and more used and undesirable. After years of sexual depravity, these third wave feminists then shout to the roof tops that they prefer the life of solitude, crying that they “don’t need a man”. In truth, they lay awake at night recounting past mistakes and fears of an uncertain future, just like every woman . The only difference between us and them? We can shift the pillows and see the face of a mate who has vowed to help us make sense of yesterday and keep us safe from the woes of tomorrow. These carousel horses have found themselves on the merry-go-round  of self full filling prophecy.  As years pass and their cheap beauty fades, they become the old, worn out ride that blasts songs of cheer and utilizes dim lighting to hide the crumbling facade and squeaky gears of a miserable existence.
Despite their own sexualized self-mutilation, the members of this first category are quick to point the finger at the traditional woman and scoff in shame. They claim that women in this group are lost and sad little housewives, dependent upon a man to gift them with self worth. Little do these poor souls know, the never ending value that comes from fulfilling that part of every woman’s natural instinct. Feminists claim to be progressive idealists who believe that being in the kitchen is “keeping women oppressed” yet they fail to realize that with every home cooked meal, every child kissed good night, and every husband sent safely off to work, the traditional woman feels more self assured, more free, more true to herself than any night of bar hopping and random one night stands every could. The role of the wife and mother has been a part of the natural order for as long as humanity has existed. Women have the natural and biological need to care for and protect those that inhabit their home. When we do not have that task to anchor us, we are often tortured by an incompleteness so overwhelming that we become consumed. In truth, I have found that most of today’s feminists have found their path to their ideology because they failed to put their selfishness aside and find a counterpart who can treat them with the dignity that a Traditionalist woman requires. You see, this is where the 3rd wavers have truly misunderstood us. They believe that we simply settle into disproportionate arrangements with some random man that trapped us in the kitchen and said “you shall be my slave, woman”. They do not understand, or perhaps refuse to understand, that traditional women require, no demand, a man who respects our value and importance in the home. A traditional man does not look at his wife and the mother of his children and think that he is ‘keeping her in her place’. More often than not, he is acutely aware of the fact that this woman is the axis on which his whole world turns. While the men are in charge of the ever changing macrocosm that is business, politics, industry, etc, it is their female counterparts who become the instrumental guardians and leaders of the microcosm. The traditional man and woman relationship is much like Earth The world that we see is the outer crust. A constant negotiation between moving plates that vie for their place of power and battle for continued existence. That is the strata of the man. Big and expansive and evolving. But, the core is what brings gravitational balance to this world. That is the strata of woman. Constant and warm and vital, despite being seemingly unseen from the onlooking stars. Neither section is more valuable than the other, and they work in tandem to insure not only survival but a flourishing future for the next generation.
So Ladies, when you lay in bed tonight, ask yourselves: is it better to be a “Proud Whore” or a “Lost Wife”? I say that we should instead be the Proud wife. Let them be the lost ones. Find the power in your apron strings, because you are tying more than an accoutrement… you are providing balance to a world that would freeze and stagnate without you.