Black on White Crime is very real ladies.

By: Tina Roper


How many times have you come across a fellow white female who looks shocked and appalled by you mentioning a recent black on white crime? I myself have witnessed that often while talking to neighbors, former co-workers, and especially younger females. Frequently I’m told that I must be making up the overwhelmingly high incidents or exaggerating just because I am “racist” . Believe it or not, most women think it’s not a huge issue because its not something they see on t.v. everyday or in their Facebook feeds.

When I’m not taken seriously just because they say they don’t see it on Facebook or t.v., I simply tell them to Google “black on white crime” and look into it themselves, for of course seeing is believing.

I would like for you to come up with some books, videos, articles, etc, on this topic that you feel is important for someone who has no clue about how this B.O.W crime is contributing to our genocide. (Please share these via comments under this post, or email them to me and I will add them into this post.

Here is my go-to source for current updates on the topic and one I share often.

Let’s open some eyes sisters.



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