Guest Video: “How Feminism Has Made Women Unhappy”

S y d n e y T r a d s

This Saturday’s Guest Video is from a talk given by Dr. Jordan Preston at Ryerson University, and is provided by the “Vertigo Politix” YouTube channel. The video is a short excerpt of the whole event, but the section presented here is relevant in the context of last week’s celebration of “International Women’s Day”. Throughout that week the public has been bombarded with the same old feminist clichés and debunked theories that have been used as rhetorical weapons to push a Cultural Marxist agenda in the social and economic sphere. Here, Dr. Peterson addresses some of the more common claims being made in relation to the “progress” being made in the field of gender equality and egalitarianism, happiness levels experienced by women pre- and post-sexual revolution, the impact this has on children, the meaning of “freedom”, careerism, choice and the myth of the “wage gap”. Dr. Peterson provides a clear…

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