White Man’s March Coming 3/18/17

Ladies, I ask that you participate in this on Saturday in some form. Be creative and let’s show our support. Be sure to send me your pictures and contributions. I’ll be participating in this as well after the Sheildwall meeting. Let’s spread the word!

The Roper Report

On Saturday, March 18th, 2017, White patriots are urged to distribute flyers, leaflets, and stickers, or to hold peaceful protests with signs, to fight White genocide.

We urge you to use markers and poster board, or your own printed off flyers from Word documents, to spread the message. If you can, network with other White patriots in your area for a day of some actual I.R.L. activism.

Suggested sign and poster messages:

“Diversity = White Genocide”

“Stop White Genocide”

Here is a source for some ready-to-print flyers.

They also contain some excellent talking points for recipients and the media.

Stay Safe, Stay Legal, Stay Active!

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