Positive Sobriety

Positive Sobriety

By: Tina Roper

I’m often asked what, if anything, can possibly be positive about being and staying sober. I’ve been on both sides of the line and I understand why users would not find sobriety very attractive. For some, they think that sobriety means “BORING”, it would mean their friends would make fun of them, it would mean they’d have to live in exile, it would mean they’d have to face their demons.

Well, as a former drug addict and alcoholic, I can confidently tell you that being and staying sober is one of the best things I have ever done. I’ll admit that the first 90 days of getting sober was extremely rough, as I detoxed cold turkey. I quit smoking cigarettes, doing drugs and drinking alcohol, all on the same day. I figured, hey, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right. Well, probably no medical professional would advise you to do what I did. The first few weeks especially were terrible. However, after 90 days,  I realized how awesome I felt physically,  it sounds weird, but my sense of smell was pretty amazing. You’d never know how dulled your senses get while using. Now when I smell smokers or alcohol, it’s like “ewwww, I used to smell like that!”

Being sober also has allowed me to build meaningful relationships, instead of shallow relationships based on who can use who for what and how long will they share their stash, and how can I degrade myself to get more from them. I’ve come to terms with things I have done in the past and looking back helps remind me exactly why I keep moving forward. I never want to be the thing I was as a user.

Being sober has allowed me to be the mom that my sons deserve, yes, I spent a lot of time apologizing to my sons for the pain I put them through. If for nothing else, your children deserve your sobriety. You can not get back their childhood. I love being able to be involved and functional in my youngest son’s life. He is my last son living with me and I intend to enjoy watching him grow into a man, without having to make excuses for an addiction.

Being sober allows you to lose those behaviors of desperation, scouring floors for change, selling everything you have, including yourself for that ever elusive euphoria, lying, stealing, whatever you do to get the next hit.

Being sober means you have more money! It’s crazy how much money was wasted and I’m sure if you add up all that’s spent on your addiction, you could pay rent or a water bill, or buy a car, you get the point.

Another great thing about sobriety is you don’t have any more excuses or lies to have to come up with. Sober life is very peaceful and refreshing once you conquer your demons that you were drowning in self destructive substances.

Sobriety allows you to realize your self worth. You are so much better than the things you’re doing just to have that thirty minute buzz. You owe it to yourself to reach your full potential. You are wrong if you think you have no purpose. In sobriety you will find yourself.

With sobriety you have self control. You have the ability to make better decisions.

June 24, 2017 will be my 6 year anniversary of sobriety. It’s not always easy but I promise you, it’s always worth it.


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