Not all women are waiting their turn to be victims.

Not all women are waiting their turn to be victims.

By: Tina Roper

The very intelligent well spoken black male in the beginning of this video tries to warn his fellow well mannered people about possible dangers in an apocalyptic world. His opinion of the biggest threat to his people? No, it’s not starvation, or lack of shelter, or even the shortage of cocoa butter…. He warns his people of… White children and women who know how to use firearms!

Yes, it’s true, white women and children are legally participating in firearm safety and training. I’m glad that this highly educated black man is aware of that fact and sharing his knowledge with his peers. That means, that at least some of them had fair warning that not all of  us “crackers” ( his word) are sitting around waiting to be raped, robbed and killed by one of the misunderstood species.

So, ladies, next time you’re at the firing range remember that you’re being bragged about for your abilities! Keep working on your self defense training and always be aware.

We will not be victims in waiting. -14-


5 thoughts on “Not all women are waiting their turn to be victims.

  1. I saw this awhile back I couldn’t stop laughing. You should check out Tommy Soto mayor on you tube yes he’s black but he is a very informative black man who hates his own race matter a fact he has hits out on him. And then there is the black preacher who came in glued I’ll find them and post it in the comments


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