ShieldWall to join ‘White Man’s March’ on 3/18!

Ladies, please email your contributions of your participation in this to
I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

The Roper Report

On Saturday, March 18th, following their scheduled organizational meeting, the Arkansas chapter of The ShieldWall Network will be joining in the nationwide ‘White Man’s March‘ against White genocide, centered around a large, professional banner stating ‘Diversity = White genocide‘. The California chapter of The ShieldWall Network will be holding a similar demonstration in Sacramento at the same time, and other ShieldWall affiliates around the country will be participating in smaller numbers throughout their local areas.

The Shield Wall Network hereby challenges ALL White Nationalists and patriots of our people around the United States to participate in the ‘White Man’s March‘ with their own pro-White banners, signs, posters, stickers, flags, and flyers on 3/18!

Please e-mail all of your pictures from Saturday’s ‘White Man’s March‘ events to: We’ll see you on the streets.

Or, as the young kiddies say, “CashMe

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