Yes, there are White People in Africa

By:Tina Roper


It  has come to our attention that some of our young people don’t even know that white people exist in Africa, much less are murdered and raped at astronomical rates there. If you are one of those people please research “Boer genocide” ” South African White Genocide ”  or any combination of those words.

Also, please take the time to watch this very informative video. If you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to help you find the answers.

Knowledge is power.


4 thoughts on “Yes, there are White People in Africa

  1. Good video. I thought his Biblical explanation for why they stay was interesting. It’s horrible what is being done to our people in the formerly White-ruled countries, especially SA. Whites barred from jobs, Whites living in squatter camps, Whites being brutally slaughtered by Black savages. I pray for the success of the Suidlanders. #StopWhiteGenocideInSA


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