Immigration stats, illegals and crime

By: Tina Roper


Yes, I know, this subject is not very uplifting but after a chat with a young woman, I feel like it’s something that needs to be shared here so our women can be informed. It’s difficult in this age of technology to wade through all of the information overload, “fake news” and rhetoric . This young woman was unsure as to what threat immigrants pose to us, specifically Americans but our people in general. Because after all, “the immigrants are just trying to live a better life  and take care of their families”. Well, maybe that is the case for a handful of them, and those people are the ones who go through the proper channels and become legal citizens. If you look to Europe, you can see exactly what the threats are when a country opens their borders and doesn’t enforce their immigration laws. We in America won’t be far behind if we continue on the path we’re on.  Look to Sweden ladies to see what exactly is in store for us. It is not white men taking over countries and winning them titles of “rape capital of the world”, it is not white men gang raping women, it  is not white men committing violent crimes at astronomical rates in countries they don’t legally belong in… You get my point.

You can research the negatives of illegal immigrants for yourself but here are a few sites to get you started:


Ladies, if you have any videos, articles, or comments you feel are important to add to this, for future women to learn from, in case they don’t know the non-politically correct truth, please leave the information in the comments below.



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