An Outspoken Woman

The ShieldWall Network

By Billy Roper

I sat reading my military history book quietly, thinking about the impact of the battle of Tours on Western Europe and minding my own business, when a lady walked in who made my day. No, this isn’t that kind of story. I was in a doctor’s office waiting room, doing just that while my wife and the kiddo were finding out how serious his persistent cough was and what modern medicine could do about it, and she was pushing eighty.

She plopped down next to me and picked up two news magazines on the small table between us, both displaying President Trump on the cover. That triggered her.

“You know the news media is all so biased against him, it’s a wonder anybody knows anything any more”, she declared. When I smiled and nodded, saying, “Yes, ma’am, they’re all liberals, aren’t they?”, that was all the…

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2 thoughts on “An Outspoken Woman

  1. I love it when I am around other older people, most of whom see what’s going on but are too afraid to say anything. I will make a comment to get them started, then they let loose. What fun!

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    1. I actually have met A lot of people in the 60-75 year old age group here in my city, who are the same way. I will throw out a slightly “racist” comment and they just let loose for hours because they have seen the changes for the worst over their lifetime.

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