Self defense, because your life matters

I have met many women who don’t think that learning any form of self defense is necessary because, “that’s not going to happen” to them. .. Well, I also know females who have been victims of rape or violence and they can tell you that until they became a victim, they never thought it would happen to them either.  It is my opinion that we should all know how to defend ourselves, particularly in close quarter situations. Here are a few videos on the subject and I’d like for you to add some other useful tips in the comments.  Our men won’t always be around to protect us, and in those moments we need to have the skills to be able to defend ourselves the best we can.





3 thoughts on “Self defense, because your life matters

  1. I agree, women of all ages need to be able to defend themselves. Some communities offer no cost/low cost self-defense training for women. Always be aware of your surroundings. Always keep all doors and windows locked. Never depend solely on tasers or pepper spray – they merely enrage some attackers. Guns are good, but you must be able to shoot to kill.

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    1. I agree 100%. Not only do they need the physical self defense training but they need to be psychologically prepared for the type of mindset needed to follow through should they have to. Practicing that training is also important to keep the skills fresh.

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