Thank you, ShieldWall Affiliates!

The ShieldWall Network

by Billy Roper

On March 18th, 2017, the second ShieldWall Network meeting was held in central Arkansas. The attendees, which consisted of twelve men, three women, and four young people ages 10-15, enjoyed the snacks and many raffled door prizes, as well as the speakers, but the face-to-face camaraderie they experienced was probably the most encouraging and beneficial impact of their attendance. Six of them were people whom I had never met before, and I love to make new friends “IRL”, “In Real Life”.

Some books and CDs were sold, a lot of free literature was passed out, and several ongoing affiliated projects were described, including Tina’s discussion of the Tomorrow Belongs To Me Sobriety program, the Shield Maidens women’s organization, and the Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity. Thank you to Sharon and Kim for your donations to ‘Cover Our People With Love‘. Also, thank you…

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