Why So Much Hate!!!??

Mrs. Roper

Every now and then I encounter someone who feels the need to try to make me understand that everyone is the “same” and my beliefs are “hateful” and even “pointless”. If you’ve been vocal about your beliefs at any time in your life, I’m sure you’ve met these types of people. I even had one tell me that there is “no where you can go that a non-white hasn’t moved to yet” so I should “just deal with it”, to which I say, “I know, it’s terrible, but I still believe we all should have our own separate communities”.

I have also been told that there are “better things to focus my time and energy on than race issues, such as economic problems, healthcare, education, housing, politics, hell focus on the environment!” Now, I agree that there are economic problems, etc, however, can anyone tell me what the root of…

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