Never forget Viki Weaver #RubyRidge

While most of us know about the Ruby Ridge Massacre, many of our young people do not. So for those who do not, here are a few links to get started on so you too, will never forget Viki Weaver and her son killed during that awful event.

Those of you who do have knowledge about it, please add in comments any other information on this that ladies can learn from.


10 thoughts on “Never forget Viki Weaver #RubyRidge

  1. Beware of anyone who tries to talk to you about anything involving guns. Even today this is one of the favorite tactics of the feds. This was so horrible. I am amazed at how many people have never heard of it.

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    1. Great advice! Also, watch out for anyone trying to discuss illegal behavior of any kind. I’m this age of technology, you never know who your interacting with and putting things in writing is a sure way to have those words used against you. I adhere to my own personal policy of never posting or typing anything I would not want my sons to read and I would not want them to post or type either.
      I have come across not just young people but older people as well who have never heard of the Ruby Ridge Massacre.

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  2. Yes, I avoid anyone who posts anything about committing acts of violence. Also, watch out for “friends” who want you to look at a trunk full of guns for sale. This has happened to me and several people I know.

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    1. I think we’re perceived to be pretty stupid lol we’ve seriously gotten emails trying to encourage armed robbery. Like seriously? That is super obvious. That was super obviously a fed. The government whines about stereotypes while they stereotype us to be violent and stupid.

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    1. That is a great point. If course if one is not doing anything illegal, they should not be concerned. I always say that if anyone close to me is an informant, I feel bad for them because I am pretty boring LOL

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