Why aren’t you in the kitchen?

By: Tina Roper


It has come to my attention from countless men, that they have trouble finding a woman who enjoys cooking, much less a woman who even knows how to cook. They are encountering women who even brag about the fact that they don’t cook. Gotta love feminism huh? Well, I find that to be very disheartening, for, if our women are not cooking, then they and their families must be surviving off fat (fast)food. Which means our women are not making healthy choices, which means our kids and men are not healthy eating either. Women, you underestimate how much your choices affect our people. So, if you lack the basic skills needed for cooking, now’s the time to stop making excuses and learn those basic skills.

Learn how to read a recipe, how to properly slice and dice, how to season food, how to scramble eggs, how to cook rice, how to cook meat, how to cook vegetables, how to roast a chicken, how to use a crock pot, how to care for cast iron cookware, how to make a sandwich even. Learn how to read food labels to make better choices based on ingredients, learn food safety and storage skills.

Not all of us make it to professional chef level, but it’s important that we learn the basics so we can feed our families in healthy satisfying ways. Your body also, deserves your own homemade cooking, over that of fast food in which you have no idea what you’re eating.

My first cookbook that I actually learned from at age 18, was How to Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman. I also obtained some 1950-1970 cookbooks I had found at various thrift stores. If you can’t afford to buy any cookbooks, go to your public library and check out some beginner cookbooks.

There is no valid excuse for you not to get in the kitchen ladies, you will be surprised at the pride you feel watching others enjoy meals that were prepared by your own hands.


3 thoughts on “Why aren’t you in the kitchen?

  1. All my life I have believed in the total equality of women in every regard. In a marriage or relationship I do not feel it is the sole duty of the woman to cook/prepare meals. It can be shared because many maybe surprised but many men actually enjoy cooking. As this article properly points out all women whether single or with a partner should learn and enjoy meal preparation even it is for herself or with friends. Food has long been a comfort and joy for all humans and everyone should want to participate in both the knowledge of food and it’s preparation. So everyone enjoy life’s pleasure of food and drink.

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  2. My husband loved to cook, and now I cook for myself. Nothing fancy, but everything I eat is healthy and nutritious and only costs pennies per meal.

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    1. I started teaching my sons basic cooking and kitchen skills so if they can’t find women who enjoy cooking, they won’t starve lol
      It’s a shame that our young people don’t seem to find a need for cooking skills, there’s way too much fast food options.

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