7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women: Part 6

The Women's Fourth Realm

Emotional Acceptance

(a.k.a Recognizing Feelings vs Facts)

“Throughout the ages, woman’s feelings and, above all, her nature have complemented man’s intellect.”

I often hear the outcry of modern feminists that ‘gender is just a social construct’. Their disheveled faces turn a variety of shades as they attempt to dismantle the belief that men and women have different roles. They do refuse to recognize that men are meant to lead and women are meant to raise a nation worth leading. But, the left’s attempts at yelling the right into submission is almost always fruitless once they are supplied with fact after fact which inevitably crumbles their beliefs to pieces. Once confronted with facts, they resort to the school yard mentality of calling us every name in their arsenal (as they hypocritically cling to their ‘Love Trumps Hate posters). Then, they go home and pat themselves on the back for ‘fighting hate’…

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We’d like you to partner with us!

The Roper Report

There has never been a better time to be a White Nationalist. There are many, many wonderful reasons to stand together for our great people. Now, you have another new way to partner with us, and combine your strengths with ours. If you would like to help provide yarn, fabric, or other quilt and blanket material for the ‘Cover Our People With Love’ pro-White charity, or if you’d just like to express your support for and endorsement of The Roper Report website and The Roper Report (TRR) podcast, you may now contribute donations via paypal through roper_billy@yahoo.com.

Thank you all, for everything you do for our people, each and every day!

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Learn to sew

Why Whites Stay In Southern California

Aryan Street

I’m writing this in response to White Nationalists who say California is a lost cause and can’t understand why some of us insist on staying here.  I have even heard some write (on the internet, Jews maybe?) things such as, California should be obliterated.  You do realize that as of 2010 there were over 15 million Whites (not hispanic) living in California right?  There must be at least 10 million left.

I titled this thread “Why Whites Stay In Southern California” because I’m told that Northern California is very different…almost like a different country so I don’t feel like I can speak for Northern Californians.

First (but not most important) we stay for jobs, wealth and business opportunities.  Anywhere there’s a hub of activity, there’s a chance we will be able to support ourselves and possibly a family.  Living in close proximity to wealth can be advantageous in terms of business opportunities as wealthy…

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What do you say?

Mrs. Roper

While we have people living out fantasies online of how things are going to be when “we win”, what do you say to our people who are living in fear everyday that they will be the next one killed, raped, and/or violated by this on going race war?

We have young people stuck in inner cities with no hope of a productive future. What do you say when one of those young people tells you that things are not going to get any better, that they feel it’s inevitable that they too will end up dead while walking home from the store?

Sure, you could tell them to “get out of there”, but realistically these kids, our youth, have no means of just picking up and starting over somewhere in a safer place. Most of them barely have an education much less G.E.D.s or diplomas that could get them a…

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Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel barred from moving to the U.S., though his wife is an American citizen

Remember The 14 Words

Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel apparently wanted to move to the United States from Germany. (I say apparently because the decision on which I’m reporting, just posted on Westlaw but decided March 31 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Administrative Appeals Office, referred only to one E.C.Z., but both the initials and the facts described in the decision fit Zundel and likely no one else.) He would normally get an immigrant visa, because his wife of 16 years — who is about 80 years old — is a U.S. citizen. But he was classified as inadmissible because he has been convicted of foreign crimes for which the sentence was five years or more:

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The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women -Part 5 By:E.B.

Part 5 – Permanence 

By: E.B.

(a.k.a. When the going gets tough…)

“The mission of a woman is to minister in the home and in her profession to the needs of life from the first to last moment man’s existence”

One of the greatest tragedies in today’s modern society is the rampant growth of the divorce rate. On average, in America there is a divorce every 13 seconds. First marriages have a 41% chance of ending in divorce. That means that you are more likely to get divorced at least once in your lifetime than you are to get into a car accident. The statistics for 2nd and 3rd marriages are even more staggering (60% and 73%).

I cannot pretend that I am special in this. I am among these heartbreaking statistics of marriages ended and vows broken. I take no pride in this, but afterwords, I examined the rights and wrongs of my choices before and during my failed attempt at marriage. Divorce was not something I planned on doing nor is it something I plan on doing again. But, like most things, life rarely goes according to plan. So, please don’t think I am trying to lay blame or shame on women for divorce. That is simply not the case. Typically, young people get married without any real knowledge of who they are marrying (because of the common fakeness that I believe stems from social media) , the expectations of that specific marriage, and an understanding of what all marriages involve. Bottom line is that marriages are hard. Sadly, because they are hard, people tend to quit them too soon.  This means that there is no concept of permanence anymore.  We no longer follow the mission of meeting the needs of our male counterparts so they can protect and provide for us. Instead, divorce has become so common in our minds that many couples go into marriage knowing that divorce is a back up plan. When the going gets tough, we call a lawyer. The cure to this epidemic must start with us, the women of the fourth realm. 

As I’ve said before in previous posts, men will rise to the standards we set for them, and as long as we continue to lower those standards for the sake of ‘not being alone’, men will continue down a path of mistrust, control, weakness, and frivolousness that women readily scold and hypocritically mimic. We women are not free of blame. Modern women are prone to cheating, lying, deception, selfishness, etc, just like men, but I believe that if we set the expectation of how a marriage works and hold ourselves accountable, as well as our husbands, more marriages will flourish and less will fail. 

We set these standards by first assessing what it is that we want from a marriage. Essential things like stability, honesty, trust, prudence, and dependability are all vital to success in any relationship. But, what we REALLY have to work on as an entire culture is that concept of permanence. The concept of going into a marriage with the expectation that there is no escape clause, no eject button. We will do what we must to make things work. There are always deal breakers, like abuse, drug use, etc. I’m not talking about these issues. I’m talking about our desire to end a marriage because we don’t have that butterfly feeling of love anymore. The feeling of love is going to wane every now and again. Love is going to change. It’s not always going to be sunshine and roses. You aren’t always going to like each other. Some days you’re going to look at your husband and think “ugh, why?” You will get so angry that you don’t even want to look at him sometimes. These are normal feelings. This is human nature. But what you don’t do… what we CAN’T do is use that as an excuse to put an end to something that is so sacred. Boredom happens. Arguments will cause strife. If you take the time to learn from them, they will help you each grow as individuals and as a couple. 

Our biggest issue as a culture is the fear and avoidance of confrontation and rejection. We will avoid talking to our partner out of fear of an argument or fear of being rejected. This cannot stand. We cannot let our emotional weaknesses destroy the foundation of our culture. And that foundation is the family. Man, woman, child. Together. United. 

Don’t get married if your first thought is that you can just get a divorce if this doesn’t work out. Don’t get married if you feel like you can’t be honest with your potential spouse. Don’t get married if you think that attention is more important than communication. These things mean that you aren’t ready. It’s ok to not be ready. It’s better to wait than to bring a child into the world and not provide them with a stable, loving family unit that consists of both a mother and a father. Be patient. Wait for the right spouse, and when the time comes, make it known to yourself and your partner that your vows are lifelong. There’s no turning back. Hold yourself accountable. Keep your standards for your husband high.  When the going gets tough, the tough work together. 

Why We Need a Real Traditionalist Movement


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Are you getting tired of the constant gender-war which seems to be waging out in every single corner of the internet right now? If you answered yes, then you’re in good company, it seems no matter which ideology you subscribe to, the sexes are always divided – and this isn’t healthy or productive in any way. For the purpose of this post I am limiting my discussion to the traditionalist side of the ‘political’ spectrum – since this is where I fit into things – well, at least where I would like to fit in.

As you may have already read in my posts; Looking In: How Women See the ‘Alt-Right’ & Why We Don’t Participate and Go Away ‘Red-Pill’ Salesman, I very clearly have a problem with the current so-called ‘traditionalists‘ and their respective ‘movements‘. Rest assured though, that I am not alone in…

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The Cuck Categories BY: E.B.

The Cuck Categories
By: E.B.
Cuck – a derogatory slang term for a weak, effeminate, or inadequate man originating from the Old French cucu to the Old English cuckhold meaning the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
In today’s internet society, the term cuck is the slang term heard ’round the world. But, as women, what exactly does that term mean for us? Of course, we are well aware of the growing popularity of the sexual cuckhold. A strange and detached sexual habit that enlists a third party male into the marital bed with full knowledge and consent of the husband. This degenerate ménage à trois is  rampant throughout the millennial generation and a trending search on most pornography websites. This subject alone is blog for another time. But, what I do want to discuss is not the cuckhold of yesteryear and it’s sexual popularity today. What I want to discuss is the ‘cucks’ of today. Over the years I have come in contact with a variety of classless individuals that Audrey Hepburn called “rats and super-rats” in her popular film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Today, we call them cucks. These ‘boys’ are as common as ever and out of intellectual curiosity, or sheer boredom, I sat down to really look at the not-so-mysterious ways of the cuck and have determined that there are three basic Cuck Categories. Like all such frivolous endeavors, these categories may overlap and are not all inclusive, but they cover the most common cuck types and how we, the ladies of the fourth, can spot them in our lives and stop them from destroying our lives.
1 – The Cocky Cuck
This cuck walks about in to every arena peacocking with the fervent belief that he is god’s gift to women. He walks tall, is sickeningly charming, and has more than enough women that feign over his rhetoric. These kind of men tend to woo women into submission and then use sex as a tool to control women.
 After getting involved in “relationships’’ these men are prone to jealousy, control, and anger.  They will discover your weaknesses and use them against you at the slightest provocation. They utilize all forms of abuse and demand allegiance as they slowly disconnect you from your friends and family. It is easy to spot these cucks when you first meet them because they are quick to become sexual and are frustrated when sex is denied. If you come across a ‘charmer’ who expects sex, and if you begin dating one of these men and they utilize anger as a tool of control, do yourself a favor and RUN.
2 – The Delicate Cuck
This cuck seems so sweet and ‘sensitive’. They will look deep into your eyes and feign understanding of your emotional needs. They will cry when you cry… and cry when you don’t cry… because they cry… A LOT. Like all cucks, they will utilize their sensitivity as a tool to garner sex and ‘love’, but when the going gets tough, the cuck gets going. They are unreliable, needy, and undependable. They are quick to throw you under the bus if it suits them, whether it’s their own protection or to gain something of their interest. When you come across this type of man, you will spot them by their shy and overly kind demeanor, they will ask you seemingly sweet and personal questions, they will most likely cry and reveal some personal sob story within the first few times of meeting; they will manipulate your natural instincts to comfort and nurture in order to put themselves above you. This is not the behavior of a real man A real man will always put you first and will want you to do what is right for your happiness. If you come across this type of cuck, grab a box of Kleenex, a poncho, and some track shoes. Hand him the tissues, protect yourself from the oncoming sobs, and RUN.
3 – The Cuck Ninja
As with all ninjas, these cucks are hard to spot and harder to catch. They typically seem delightfully mysterious and interesting. They have a dark and difficult past that they have some how managed to ‘overcome’. They will occasionally cry like the Delicate Cuck or be overly arrogant like the Cocky Cuck, but for the most part they are quiet and broody. We women have a masochistic desire to help them, which never goes well. You won’t be able to spot them at first without a lot of forethought and in-depth examination. Dark history is not our jobs to cure.
 We cannot fix or help these men. These ninjas will sneak their way into your life then become even more controlling, angry, and manipulative than the other two categories combined. If you come across this type of cuck, look for the signs of someone disconnected and aloof. If your internal female gut is urging you to get out your tool belt and try to work out the chinks in this ‘knight’s armor’… don’t just run… get in your car… drive as far as possible as quickly as possible. *it is in your best interest to avoid this cuck as much as you can from the moment you meet him. If you’ve heard stories from friends about him or his mysterious past comes up in initial conversation walk away… with haste.