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Head Start is a Federal program implemented in 1965 as a program funded by the federal government as a way to provide education and nutrition to children from families of low income and/or recipients of the state’s welfare program. Under the guise of helping children to become emotionally developed and have more social awareness. Many young mothers, such as myself at the time, were led to belief our children should be placed in this government institution, my son at the age of four years and myself only being twenty-two thought this would be an educational experience for him, if I knew now what I know today my son would have not walked into a public school at age four and my children would have been homeschooled. The Federal Government has spent billions of dollars on this failed program, the taxpayer dollars would be better spent in building up our public…

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  1. I know when I was young I had no idea how evil our government is. We can be thankful that we are among the few that have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth.

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