The Enemies of White Women and Children Wall of Shame

Heathen Women

This is long overdue folks.  These faggots masquerading around as “traditional patriarchs” need to be exposed, and ladies need to be warned to stay away from these freaks.  This is a work in progress, and if you have any enemies that need to be added to the list, just let us know!

Instead of blaming women for being single, why don’t you ask the men where they are? The majority of single parents are women, we know this. So that alone tells us it’s the men leaving, or men doing something that subjects them to being left. Stop pointing fingers at the opposite gender to make yourselves look better! Egotistical little man syndrome having, momma basement living, man children, pissed off because you get friend zoned too often! Oh and let me guess…. We’re all  thots right?

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One thought on “The Enemies of White Women and Children Wall of Shame

  1. Repeating my reply at Heathen Women:
    sineadmcarthy, you really out did yourself on this very detailed post I am sure we would all agree how much appreciated you are. You keep us thoroughly informed and vigilante about evil zionists and even bad Whites. Thank you so very much.

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