Episode Ten: Raising Goats with Volkmom

Helicopter Mom

Helicopter Mom is a Christian, right wing, and Traditionalist podcast. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, and Madeleine. Our Intern, Evelyn, is helping out behind the scenes. We are also joined by Volkmom, aka Sharon, to talk about her experiences as a homesteader and mom.

Recipe of the week:

Article discussed:

  1. Sharon background information

    1. Homesteaders

      1. Start with chickens, easy and productive

      2. Goats are bigly facist

        1. Make sure they have room to roam

        2. Milk every day

        3. Nigerian Dwarfs are small, safe, and milky

      3. Growing food!

        1. Planning garden

        2. Canning, harvesting, freezing, jams and jellies

    2. Holistic lifestyle

    3. Homeschool

      1. Self made curriculum can be created with workbooks from book store

      2. Reading, writing, and arithmetic for 2nd grader

      3. How to stay on track with state standards

        1. Conservative states give more freedom

        2. Liberal states are very strict

  2. Children and chores

    1. Children enjoy helping in real life

    2. Chores teach children how to take care…

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