The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women Part 2 By:E.B.

Part 2 – Refusing the Guilt of the Complicit 

(a.k.a. It takes a Village)

By: E.B.

“The woman, besides caring for her own children, should first care for those who need her help as mothers of a nation

I’m not sure when interaction became electronic, but something about our sense of community has been reduced to single syllable responses and filtered selfies. I remember a time when family was expansive. We would accrue ‘family members’ every time someone moved in down the street. We were a community of integrated and involved families. We were so close knit that children were afraid of misbehaving out in public. They weren’t simply afraid of their parents; they were afraid of “Mr. Steve”, the neighborhood mail man, who wouldn’t hesitate to yoke them up and whoop them in front of the entire store. The mother would not be appalled by this either; she would be thankful that someone cared enough to help her. In the time when white culture was dominate, the phrase “it takes a village” was taken literally. We were all participants in the checks and balances of our community. In today’s society, it isn’t that unusual to see a young teen cursing out their mother in the store, demanding she buy them some new trinket they fervently believe they deserve. And, the parent is so terrified of being labelled abusive or neglectful that they give in and refuse to fuss or punish the child. And, the onlookers? They simply shrug their shoulders or shake their heads and move about their day.

Our culture has become so divided. And, this separation is becoming more and more finite. Identity politics and electronics have created a division so acute that even the nuclear family has lost its connection. The son refuses to talk to his father because his father expects him to take out the trash (a man’s job) and this is “mysogynistic”. The daughter is ‘triggered’ that her mother demands her help in the kitchen. And after hours of dealing with this exhausting tomfoolery, husband and wife are then separated by glass and circuit boards. They lay together in bed at night and hold their phones closer to their chest than their spouse. This is the new normal.

What makes matters worse is that we refuse to confront each other about this. We see the disconnection. We see the disrespect. We see the battle between the different globalist generated identities, and yet, we do nothing. Instead of stepping up and insisting that we hold each other to the highest standards possible, we escape further into our anti-social media, and we live with this preposterous “guilt” forced on us in the name of some ridiculous fallacy of “privilege”. We intrinsically desire to socialize with those that are like us, but then are forced to feel guilty for discriminating others. So, we retreat into our devices, because we are terrified of being judged and rejected. The time has come for us to go back to the ways of old. We need to hold each other accountable. We need to demand the very best out of our own people. It is only when the village comes together that it can truly flourish. 

In order  to change this current ideology, we must start in our own homes. We must demand the best out of our children; we must know when to put the phones away and give our attention to our loved ones; we must see each other as brethren not as strangers. We must no longer be afraid to do what is right even if it goes against the SJW rhetoric. We have become so indoctrinated with the cultural expectations of lesser cultures that we have readily cheapened ourselves. Our people are a strong people, but when we allow ourselves to be weakened, we perpetuate that weakness onto the next generation. This weakness has allowed other races to overthrow our cultural dominance and our children are emulating their strength instead of ours. But, we are a people of pride, valor, and honor not of sexual exploitation, entitlement, and selfishness. If we deny this modern ideology and build higher standards for one another, we can rekindle our people. We must quell the weakness within ourselves and those around us. Only then can we rebuild our village. 


One thought on “The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women Part 2 By:E.B.

  1. This article is a good argument for why the races need to be separate. In the home, limiting TV, video games and phones would be a good start to building a stronger family.

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