The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women Part 3 By:E.B.

3 – Bearing the Burden 

(a.k.a Sacrificing Self-Indulgence)

By: E.B.

What the man gives in courage on the battlefield, the woman gives in eternal self-sacrifice, in eternal pain and suffering.

“We want what we want and we want it now.” That is the mantra of the times.

Instant gratification is the way of the world today. It seems that everyone believes they deserve everything and they don’t have to do anything to earn it. Kids get trophies simply for showing up and sitting on the bench. Parents get free food, housing, cell phones, health care, even clothes, and the more they pop out the more free stuff they get. Minorities get free scholarships and first dibs in the hiring process simply because of their skin color. LGBT students get special safe spaces where they can complain about micro-aggressions while hating everyone who has the audacity to be attracted to the opposite sex. Trans people get awards simply for coming out of the closet despite creeping out the people in the bathroom they claim to have the right to use. Women get a pat on the back for dressing like whores and forming slut walks where their ‘strength’ is encapsulated by their freed breasts and bandaged nipples that are displayed in protest to cat calling. Men get applauded for being ‘proud house-husbands’ who stay at home while their wives have polyamorous relationships with the guy they met at work (because he is undoubtably more masculine than the man she married).

At some point, we have to wake up and realize that we don’t automatically deserve everything we want every moment of every day. We have to go back to a time when we accepted that we must EARN what we have, want, and need. Stomping our feet does not automatically grant us carte blanche to whatever we deem necessary. Although the current (((culture))) makes it seem like this is the normal and acceptable behavior, our people have to accept the reality that all great things are given to those who earn them. Rome was not built in a day and the greatest realms took time to craft. 

The things we must earn vary from privileges, work advancement, and most importantly, respect. Respect seems to be the most difficult concept for people today. I remember a time when respect was something that was earned. The only exception was given to our elders who have already earned that respect through time and dues paid. Now, teenagers spit in the faces of adults proclaiming that they “ain’t gone respeck nobody who aint respecktin dem”… (pardon my virtual eye twitch as I deal with the internal struggle of bastardizing my own language). It sickens me that so many mothers have allowed this sort of idolatry of the self to overpower our people. I see women all the time who will push the very real needs of their children and husbands to the side so they can have the newest, shiniest, flashiest fad. They will feed their children microwavable meals while purchasing Michael Kors bags. They will deny their children doctors visits so they can have a new pair of Louboutins. Why? Because, in some far-fetched fantasy world, they have convinced themselves that they inherently deserve these things. This is a damning stance, ladies. We are causing our own destruction if we continue down this path. 

It is our responsibility to make the sacrifices and suffer the realities of moderation, because that is the ONLY way we can teach our children and our children’s children how to behave in the world. Future generations must learn from example. It is our task as women to be the reflection of propriety. In order to mold the world in to a socially moral and respect driven culture, we have to learn self control, moderation, and self respect. We must respect ourselves through sacrifice. Today, we lack self-respect so we fill that void with things. More and more and more… things. Things that are cold, lifeless, and meaningless. Sacrifice begets self-respect which begets respect from others. By denying that constant self-indulgence and teaching those around us how to find validation through behavior not idolatry, we can be the best servants of our people. 


3 thoughts on “The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women Part 3 By:E.B.

  1. Thank you! Absolutely a wonderful article that all young people should read and it should be the subject of lectures in college. Sadly that won’t happen as long as these communist/socialist/elitist professors have tenure and who are not preparing students for the real world. We all have to stand strong and vigilant against the zionists who are corrupting our youth.

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  2. Good article. I see so many young mothers today who won’t stop playing with their phones long enough to pay attention to their children. Just one of my pet peeves.

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    1. I see women in grocery stores who hand their toddlers their phones so they can play games on it and not bother them while they are trying to figure out what what microwavable meal to buy. Technology is the new parent and it’s sad.

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