Without A Net

The Roper Report

By Billy Roper

What if you suddenly found yourself without the internet? How much would that hinder your access to news and information which you trusted? To what degree would you suddenly feel isolated from people who view the world as you do, from those who share your political perspective, for example? How would you react? Would you feel lost? Alone? Afraid? Anxious? Depressed? Blind? Cut-off?

Has your political activism devolved into a spectator sport? Are you just a voyeur and public complainer and bitcher, at this point? What would you be, without your modem and your smart phone? Are you merely wasting your life waiting for somebody else to do something that you can repost about and think of a clever remark to accompany? Is that what we’ve become?

I’ve written before about how the internet has been a two-edged sword, exponentially increasing the speed and breadth to…

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