The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt

“The news that Tutankhamun’s male lineage DNA is western European clinches the case, and at last I have struck out at the Afrocentrists with an overtly Eurocentric retort over ancient Egypt—that it was white in origin.

The book is 81 pages long, and is full colour throughout (hence it is pricey—I have got it printed as cheaply as I could) and contains the following sections:

  1. Introduction. This deals with an overview of the competing theories (Euro and Afrocentrist);
  2. Timeline of Ancient Egypt. This provides a simple guide to identifying the historical time periods of ancient Egypt, and the major events which led to racial population changes in that country;
  3. The Origins of the Ancient Egyptians. This discusses the major theories behind the populating of ancient Egypt, coming out in favour of Sir Matthew Pietrie Flinders’s works;
  4. Ginger—the Oldest Mummy. This provides some details on the pre-dynastic Gebelein mummy set, focussing on its most famous member, “Ginger” and his blond-red hair;
  5. Statues—the Artistic Evidence. A long section with a number of original paintings, busts, and sculptures which all portray identifiable racial characteristics;
  6. Faces of the Dead—Mummies. This section shows how accurate ancient Egyptian artist were in reflecting their subjects, and includes full-colour pictures of the blondest mummies you will ever see;
  7. The Nine Bows—the Enemies of Egypt among Tutankhamen’s Treasure;
  8. Writing on the Wall—Other Races as Portrayed in Egyptian Art. This section overviews the overtly racial images found in Tutankhamun’s tomb artefacts. No punches pulled here on the racial enemies of ancient Egypt;
  9. Nubian Pharaohs—the End of Ancient Egypt. There were black pharaohs—right at the end of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Nubian invasion heralded the downfall and end of that culture and civilization;
  10. Carved in Stone—Egyptian Writings about Their Enemies. A nice sample of the work of Professor James Henry Breasted’s translations of ancient Egyptian racial writings (Ostara Publications is preparing a reprint of his full works, for those interested);
  11. DNA—the Truth Leaks Out. An overview of the two most important DNA tests done in Egypt, one of the general population which still shows European remnants amongst its highly mixed nature; and of course, the Tutankhamun DNA material. Also included is the skull measurement data from AM Mourant, which confirms the DNA data.
  12. Conclusion. This is maybe the most important section, as it outlines what the artistic, historical and DNA evidence tells us: namely that the founders of ancient Egypt were white, but that society became increasingly mixed (or “diverse”) as time went on, until finally they became the mixed-race mass which is present-day Egypt.

The disappearance of the originating white ruling class into this mass caused the end of ancient Egypt.

As the book says: “The Afrocentrist claim that these handful of black pharaohs “proves” that ancient Egypt was African in origin is as false as claiming that the United States of America was founded by blacks because it had a half-black president in 2011.

“The appearance of blacks as pharaohs marks the beginning of the end of ancient Egypt, not its foundation.

“To claim that ancient Egypt was black in origin is tantamount to claiming that the cities of Detroit or Washington DC in the US were founded by blacks “because their present-day populations are majority black and they have black mayors.””

-Arthur Kemp



2 thoughts on “The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt

  1. Kemp was a nordicist full, and he never did any actual real genetic or anthropologic research in anywhere.
    Egyptians were immigrants from Minoan Crete and they were of mediterranean phenotype, as every piece of art, genetic or anthropological research and also logic suggests.
    Whites are diverse. From mediterranean to nordic to alpine to baltic,etc. All whites had their time in history. And the ancient mediterranean cultures are creations of the Mediterranean whites.

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