Centred By: PureIntensity

By: PureIntensity


“I showed this poem to a male friend, and he looked at me all concerned: ‘Is this a poem about death?’.

‘No’, I replied. ‘It is a poem about rebirth. About acknowledging that your world view has changed, and instead of fighting it, giving in and going with it’.”




I am scrambling…

On a rockface

closed in on all sides,

narrowing down into an abyss.


Water is streaming…

I struggle to hang on….


I am moments from falling.

My heart is pounding.

Then it dawns on me out of nowhere…


I take a breath,

close my eyes

and imagine that I am soaring.

Looking down from above,

the Earth rotating below me.


My perception shifts;

my geometry was flawed.

It is no abyss at all!


I release my hands and

I let gravity take hold.

Plunging head first through the rabbit hole,

straight to the other side.


I am injured.

I barely notice, it does not matter.

I look up and see before me

an unfamiliar

but exquisite



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