‘Anti-Feminist’ YouTubers Part I: Career Propagandists & Distorted Egalitarianism



Image Credit: YouTube clippings from comments and video

I have noticed that in roughly the last six months – but especially in the last two, a noticeable number of women have been announcing themselves on YouTube as so called ‘anti-feminists‘. In terms of political positioning, they share a common worship of white ‘alt-right’ men, with most fully supporting the ‘Men’s Rights’ narrative of rights such as access to children without responsibilities to women and society. Talking points on their self-titled ‘shows‘ tend not to extend any deeper than discussions of ‘stupid feminists‘, ‘debunking college rape statistics‘, weird worship of Donald Trump (who can of course do no wrong), and very short segments about the ‘benefits‘ of civic nationalism and ‘egalitarianism‘. However you must not mistake this as an effort worthy of praise for ‘making an attempt’…

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4 thoughts on “‘Anti-Feminist’ YouTubers Part I: Career Propagandists & Distorted Egalitarianism

    1. Well said. I’m hopeful articles like these will help to open some eyes and lead people to find more productive things to do with their time.


  1. I called myself a feminist until several months ago. I did so because I believed that it was a legitimate line of thought – the ontological difference between men and women. However these clowns have come out and ruined it for me. Women who are nasty. And men who blame the demise of Western civilisation on women. Idiots the lot of you.

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