The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women -Part 4 By:E.B.

By: E.B.


4 – The Value of Natural Beauty 

(a.k.a Paint Thinner)

“Woman’s proper sphere is the family. There she is a sovereign queen.”

There are few people in modern society who are not familiar with the line “Who runs the world? Girls”. It is the mantra of today’s third wave feminism that touts women’s role as the great ‘shakers and movers’ of the world. Typically, someone with any sense of intellect thinks of a leader as someone mentally strong and physically dignified. Thanks to feminism, however, these self-proclaimed female leaders of today’s modern generation are clad with the vulgarity of Miley Cyrus and the overt sexuality of Beyonce. Women today take pride in their ‘slut walks’ and sexual depravity as if it is some twisted form of “empowerment”. I walk down the street and see women with make up so thick that I doubt their dates would even recognize them in the morning. Recently, I went to a symphony and saw a young woman with a dress that left no mystery to what laid beneath. This constant assault to femininity is something we, as LADIES, must systematically begin to eliminate. As Goebbels stated, women are the sovereign queens. We are meant to be the ideal of honor, decorum, and true femininity. 

Femininity throughout the ages has been the braiding of mystery and class. There was nothing more sexually intriguing than a woman in a well fitted dress, long luxurious hair, and a polished smile. The women of the Third Reich didn’t rely on tons of make up and plunging necklines to woo men. Nay, it was the men who were meant to woo women. National Socialists would hold social events, like balls, to bring young, eligible men and women together to find a suitable mate. Classy women were not over sexualized in their clothing or make up. The ideal woman during this time period was encouraged to rely on their natural beauty, thick child bearing hips, and modest dress. The key to being a beautiful woman was confidence mixed with modesty. High heels and bright red lipstick were discouraged because they were considered misleading and unnecessary. Beauty was the desire to accentuate our evolutionary genetic superiority. We were created with all the tools necessary to charm a good husband and the use of Jew generated tools like make up and degenerate clothing was, largely, considered a disrespect to the very core of our people. 

I’m not saying that wearing a bit of lipstick or putting on pumps is a bad thing. I, like most women, love a nice pair of heels and enjoy painting my face occasionally just for the fun of it. But, the reliance on this farce has gotten overwhelming. It has become the expectation of third wave feminism to either be as fake as possible (or as butchy as possible) and in this type of world, true femininity is lost. 

Ladies, we have to take back our ‘ladyness’. It starts, of course, with you. Look at yourself in the mirror and recognize that you are a living example of the greatest race of people. You are a part of a legacy that has cultivated the greatest thinkers, artists, and leaders throughout history. You are beautiful and you don’t need short shorts or eyeliner to prove that. Teach your daughters to be proud of how they look naturally by being taking healthy steps to highlight their beautiful selves. Teach your sons that real men look at women who are dressed as degenerates as nothing more than a misleading guise of misery and mistrust. Be an example of inherent European beauty. Take care of your bodies. Eat healthy. Exercise so that your body can flourish despite the trials and tribulations that come from being the sovereign queens of your domiciles. And remember that beauty is more than just your genetically superior facial features and body structure. It is, above all,  how you hold yourself, how you treat the others around you, how you raise your children, and how you care for your spouse. Be a LADY in all forms. We are the ladies of the fourth realm. We are the mirror that the next generation will look upon. Show them a reflection worth seeing. 


2 thoughts on “The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women -Part 4 By:E.B.

  1. I do not wear jewellery – apart from a belly button ring. I do not like wearing it. For the right guy though, I would get my ears pierced again….

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  2. My mother was a lady, my wife was a lady. I admire all women who are ladies while still retaining their independence and unique customs and culture. God bless all women and men too.

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