Building Community in your Community

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If you want to live in a safe, pleasant, peaceful White community, you’ve got to take some pride in it. After all, why should anyone take good care of a place they have no pride in?

Community pride is otherwise known as community spirit. By building community spirit, you make your neighborhood a cleaner, safer, nicer place to live.

How does building community spirit improve a neighborhood?

Building community spirit creates an emotional equity allowing residents to have an invested interest in their community.  The key to having a spirited community doesn’t rest in the size or the wealth of the association, but rather the enthusiasm and energy of the residents. Community associations throughout the country rely on resident volunteers who exhibit these traits to bring their community together.

One of the easiest ways to build community spirit is by welcoming new members of the community.  Some communities have established…

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7 thoughts on “Building Community in your Community

  1. Living in a community like that is only a dream for me. The all-White area I moved into 29 years ago has become infested with Blacks, Mexicans, and drug addicted White trash. I keep to myself. It’s a nice idea, though.

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    1. The county I live in is 95% white but we have been seeing an increase in nonwhites in the stores around here. Though for me, this is a nice place to be compared to Detroit.

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      1. I bet it is! I am originally from Rochester, New York, but back then it was much more segregated than it is now. I have been burglarized twice here and both times it was by young White meth-heads. Of course I do have sympathy for those who struggle with addictions, but not so much for those who choose to remain in that lifestyle and steal from their neighbors to do it. Strong White communities are ideal for our people, rather than living in isolation.

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      2. I know how that is. Where I’m from, white males are commonly incarcerated for breaking and entering, and theft, to support their heroin addictions.

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