The Cuck Categories BY: E.B.

The Cuck Categories
By: E.B.
Cuck – a derogatory slang term for a weak, effeminate, or inadequate man originating from the Old French cucu to the Old English cuckhold meaning the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
In today’s internet society, the term cuck is the slang term heard ’round the world. But, as women, what exactly does that term mean for us? Of course, we are well aware of the growing popularity of the sexual cuckhold. A strange and detached sexual habit that enlists a third party male into the marital bed with full knowledge and consent of the husband. This degenerate ménage à trois is  rampant throughout the millennial generation and a trending search on most pornography websites. This subject alone is blog for another time. But, what I do want to discuss is not the cuckhold of yesteryear and it’s sexual popularity today. What I want to discuss is the ‘cucks’ of today. Over the years I have come in contact with a variety of classless individuals that Audrey Hepburn called “rats and super-rats” in her popular film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Today, we call them cucks. These ‘boys’ are as common as ever and out of intellectual curiosity, or sheer boredom, I sat down to really look at the not-so-mysterious ways of the cuck and have determined that there are three basic Cuck Categories. Like all such frivolous endeavors, these categories may overlap and are not all inclusive, but they cover the most common cuck types and how we, the ladies of the fourth, can spot them in our lives and stop them from destroying our lives.
1 – The Cocky Cuck
This cuck walks about in to every arena peacocking with the fervent belief that he is god’s gift to women. He walks tall, is sickeningly charming, and has more than enough women that feign over his rhetoric. These kind of men tend to woo women into submission and then use sex as a tool to control women.
 After getting involved in “relationships’’ these men are prone to jealousy, control, and anger.  They will discover your weaknesses and use them against you at the slightest provocation. They utilize all forms of abuse and demand allegiance as they slowly disconnect you from your friends and family. It is easy to spot these cucks when you first meet them because they are quick to become sexual and are frustrated when sex is denied. If you come across a ‘charmer’ who expects sex, and if you begin dating one of these men and they utilize anger as a tool of control, do yourself a favor and RUN.
2 – The Delicate Cuck
This cuck seems so sweet and ‘sensitive’. They will look deep into your eyes and feign understanding of your emotional needs. They will cry when you cry… and cry when you don’t cry… because they cry… A LOT. Like all cucks, they will utilize their sensitivity as a tool to garner sex and ‘love’, but when the going gets tough, the cuck gets going. They are unreliable, needy, and undependable. They are quick to throw you under the bus if it suits them, whether it’s their own protection or to gain something of their interest. When you come across this type of man, you will spot them by their shy and overly kind demeanor, they will ask you seemingly sweet and personal questions, they will most likely cry and reveal some personal sob story within the first few times of meeting; they will manipulate your natural instincts to comfort and nurture in order to put themselves above you. This is not the behavior of a real man A real man will always put you first and will want you to do what is right for your happiness. If you come across this type of cuck, grab a box of Kleenex, a poncho, and some track shoes. Hand him the tissues, protect yourself from the oncoming sobs, and RUN.
3 – The Cuck Ninja
As with all ninjas, these cucks are hard to spot and harder to catch. They typically seem delightfully mysterious and interesting. They have a dark and difficult past that they have some how managed to ‘overcome’. They will occasionally cry like the Delicate Cuck or be overly arrogant like the Cocky Cuck, but for the most part they are quiet and broody. We women have a masochistic desire to help them, which never goes well. You won’t be able to spot them at first without a lot of forethought and in-depth examination. Dark history is not our jobs to cure.
 We cannot fix or help these men. These ninjas will sneak their way into your life then become even more controlling, angry, and manipulative than the other two categories combined. If you come across this type of cuck, look for the signs of someone disconnected and aloof. If your internal female gut is urging you to get out your tool belt and try to work out the chinks in this ‘knight’s armor’… don’t just run… get in your car… drive as far as possible as quickly as possible. *it is in your best interest to avoid this cuck as much as you can from the moment you meet him. If you’ve heard stories from friends about him or his mysterious past comes up in initial conversation walk away… with haste.

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