Why Whites Stay In Southern California

Aryan Street

I’m writing this in response to White Nationalists who say California is a lost cause and can’t understand why some of us insist on staying here.  I have even heard some write (on the internet, Jews maybe?) things such as, California should be obliterated.  You do realize that as of 2010 there were over 15 million Whites (not hispanic) living in California right?  There must be at least 10 million left.

I titled this thread “Why Whites Stay In Southern California” because I’m told that Northern California is very different…almost like a different country so I don’t feel like I can speak for Northern Californians.

First (but not most important) we stay for jobs, wealth and business opportunities.  Anywhere there’s a hub of activity, there’s a chance we will be able to support ourselves and possibly a family.  Living in close proximity to wealth can be advantageous in terms of business opportunities as wealthy…

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