We’d like you to partner with us!

The Roper Report

There has never been a better time to be a White Nationalist. There are many, many wonderful reasons to stand together for our great people. Now, you have another new way to partner with us, and combine your strengths with ours. If you would like to help provide yarn, fabric, or other quilt and blanket material for the ‘Cover Our People With Love’ pro-White charity, or if you’d just like to express your support for and endorsement of The Roper Report website and The Roper Report (TRR) podcast, you may now contribute donations via paypal through roper_billy@yahoo.com.

Thank you all, for everything you do for our people, each and every day!

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2 thoughts on “We’d like you to partner with us!

  1. You will always have my 110% support. Like you, I am very proud of my Scottish, German, English heritage and will always honor my people. God bless you and thank you so much for all your work.
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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