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The Summer of Love Begins

The Roper Report

by Cantankerous Ordo
On May 27th, pro-Whites made their presence felt in Harrison with a public display of strength. The Anti-White domestic terrorists from Redneck Revolt were no-shows; if any White Anti-Whites or Feds were present, they were only collecting intel on us. Only a single car full of people were even flipping us the bird and calling us “racists,” an Anti-White hate slur for White People. It is an auspicious way to sound the coming of the new season as things start heating up in the streets.
After the event, we were all treated to some Southern Hospitality at a cookout hosted by RG Miller, the regional leader of the Arkansas Chapter of the League of the South. It was an occasion of merriment and casual banter between the attendees who represented different organizations which took part in the demonstration. Some attendees who didn’t make plans for a…

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The Roper Report

by Brett Stevens for

Nationalists Defeat Antifa In Harrison, Arkansas

A few months ago, Leftists in Arkansas began forming groups for the purpose of stifling the rising nationalist, traditionalist and anti-communist sentiment in the area. These groups, including the Communist Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club Redneck Revolt and local antifa, planned a demonstration for May 27th in Harrison, Arkansas.

Upon hearing of this, nationalists set aside their differences and united on a general platform of nationalism with traditionalism, and showed up in numbers to counter-demonstrate and show the Leftist forces that they were not welcome to bully those who were not Leftist in the region. Several dozen Nationalists came together for this purpose, including R.G. Miller, the Arkansas state leader of the League of the South, the ShieldWall Network, The Knights Party and White Lives Matter.

These four different organizations and nationalist supporters fielded sixty-one men, women and…

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Local Media Coverage of Harrison, AR. Anti-Antifa Rally

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

(In the picture above, I can be seen in the black shirt and khakis, holding the flag with my head bowed in prayer before the rally.)

A Harrison, Arkansas, news website carries this report on yesterday’s Anti-AntiFa rally this morning:

“League of the South Rallies Against Communism”

It’s a very favorable article, and also mentions TheShieldWall Network.

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Videos of Harrison Anti-AntiFa Rally

The Roper Report

Here are five brief videos to give you a taste of the Harrison, Arkansas, Anti-Antifa rally held May 27th, 2017 by the League of the South, The ShieldWall Network, The Knights Party, and White Lives Matter against the Redneck Revolt and John Brown Gun Club Communists.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

Part Five.

Thank you to all those who attended and showed your support! The NEXT Anti-Antifa rally in Harrison will be June 24th, as the homosexual leaders of the Redneck Revolt “come out” to support a Gay Pride parade in Harrison: and we show up to crash their party!

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Nationalists defeat Communists AGAIN, this time in Harrison, Ar.

The Roper Report

Several dozen Nationalists came out to send a strong message to our people’s enemies at the May 27th hugely successful Harrison, Arkansas Anti-Antifa Rally, led by RG Miller, the Arkansas state leader of the League of the South, and supported by The ShieldWall Network, The Knights Party, and White Lives Matter. Four different organizations and 61 men, women, and children stood together with one united purpose against the threatened invasion of Harrison by the Communist Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club Redneck Revolt domestic terrorists. The support we received from the local community and the police was phenomenal, and the Communists showed their true mettle by chickening out. Despite that small disappointment, a great day was still had by all and many bridges built between different organizations and patriots. After the rally, around one hundred patriots and their supporters enjoyed a private barbecue and fellowship together for the…

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Standing Together Against AntiFa in Harrison This Weekend

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

The Anti-AntiFa rally being led by The League of the South in Harrison, Arkansas, tomorrow, is shaping up to be a unifying event for Nationalists, regardless of whether or in how many numbers the Antifa show their dirty masked faces. The event is being supported by The ShieldWall Network, White Lives Matter, and members of The Knights Party, as well as independent patriots and unaffiliated local citizens. Some supporters are driving in from adjoining states to take part, as well.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club Redneck Revolt group is discussing starting new chapters in Hot Springs and elsewhere throughout the state, and the Central Arkansas Antifa are talking about throwing molotov cocktails at police and attacking Nationalists to break bones, HERE, right under the picture they put up of me.

Yep, see you tomorrow, fags.

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Catherine Greene was the devoted wife of Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene, the mother of five children and – possibly – the inventor of the cotton gin.