Sacrifice Trendy Traditionalism

The Women's Fourth Realm

There is something brewing in the world. There’s not a lot of people out there that can deny that reality. The civil war in America and across the globe has already begun, and when our grandchildren’s grandchildren look back on history, they will see how we dealt with the battle for our existence. This war isn’t left versus right; it isn’t antifa versus nazis; this is a war of degeneracy versus traditionalism. As someone actively pushing for and advocating for the rekindling of traditionalism and traditional female values through the Women’s Fourth Realm, there is a new and blooming outrage that I can’t keep silenced. Advocacy, change, reformation requires one vital item that the majority of women in our movement don’t seem to grasp: ACTION.We have these girls who claim that they stand for traditionalism, they cry glory towards the National Socialist ideologies, and they tout the Fuhrer as “#relationshipgoals”……

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