Protecting Endangered Species is a White Thing To Do


Rhinos are often poached on the wildlife reservations in Africa that are set up to look after them.  Their horns are worth a lot of money in various countries, both in Africa and the far East for example.  Well meaning Whites have been doing their best to preserve such endangered species.

We know that Europe is becoming like Africa, but it was still a sad surprise to find that now the poaching is even taking place in a French zoo!  The identities are not yet confirmed of the poachers who shot Vince the rhino and sawed off one of his horns – but we can be certain that this cruel act is to supply a product to non-white customers.

Link to story.

White people care about animals so much more than other racial groups do.  Our race cares more about animal welfare than the welfare of our own folk.  Of…

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