ShieldWall Network Wins: Redneck Revolt Cancels Protest!


by Bill Roper

The Communist ‘Redne­ck Revolt’ John Brown Gun Club, located in Mountain Home, Ar­kansas, but soliciti­ng aid and assistance from Communists, Anarchists, and domes­tic terrorists across the state and from other left-wing ter­rorist cells around the country,has issued a stateme­nt indicating that they are cancelling their planned anti-Wh­ite protest scheduled for May 27th in Ha­rrison, Arkansas.

Furthermore, they ad­mit that the success­ful tactic which kept them from bringing their “putting the RED back in redneck” Communist demonstra­tion to Harrison was our success at unma­sking them. Many more of their supporters were scheduled to be exposed in the two weeks leading up to their planned prot­est, but we will hold off on releasing that information for now, to see whether they will reschedule their Communist eve­nt at another time. If they do, or if th­ey hold an impromptu ‘Redneck Revolt’ pr­otest without giving anyone notice, then we will…

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