What Does Femininity Mean to Me? A letter to my daughter.

The Blonde Butter Maker

Femininity to me, means not hiding or suppressing our emotions. Yes, my dear, you have strong feelings bursting with volume and I am sorry for all of the times I told you to “stop crying” and to “be quiet”. Today women are told they are too emotional and have too many feelings. We are taught to be “good girls” and to keep our feelings inside. We are told to “stop crying” and to contain ourselves. But what if our emotions are the door to enlightenment? What if our sorrow, our depression, was the doorway into the deepest darkest parts of ourselves? A necessary threshold into the unknown parts of the universe. For you I want to end the cycle of the damaged and broken feminine.

To become a better person you will enter into this intuitive part of yourself, the intuitive part of every human being. We carry this burden…

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