10 year anniversary David Lane Memorial Raffle for David Lane’s personal prison dictionary with handwritten notes, and personal letters.

The Roper Report

David Lane Memorial Raffle!

The ShieldWall Network is holding a fundraiser featuring a raffle for David Lane‘s personal prison dictionary with his own handwritten notes inside.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of David Lane’s death, and in memory of his courageous contributions to our people both before and after his imprisonment, we are offering these personal items to just a few lucky winners.

This paperback edition of “The American Heritage Dictionary” was used so much by the Order member and author of the Fourteen Words until he died that it was patched by him with masking tape along the back spine. It also features a masking tape label on which he hand wrote: “Personal Property, David Lane, 12873-057 (his prison number at the Federal Maximum Security at Florence, where he died in 2007).

On the top, bottom, and side of the book he wrote “Lane”. In front on…

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