Backup Backup Plan

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Disaster preparation is all about redundancy, and I personally make this my mantra. I have multiple options for any plans I make, from food and water to escape routes, and I have a backup plan for each of my backup plans.

Overkill? Maybe. But remember, even in fully functioning civilization we have plenty of redundancies such as spare tires and insurance policies, and no one frowns upon this.

These “excesses” are even more critical during a catastrophe. In the prepper world, we have a saying that goes “Two is one and one is none.” This means for example, if you have only one evacuation route planned, but this route is closed off or blocked, “one is none.” But by planning at least two evacuation routes and only one of those routes is open, “two is one.”

I will share with you some of my favorite examples of so-called “redundancies” that…

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