The ShieldWall Network Academic Scholarship

The ShieldWall Network Academic Scholarship program is designed primarily to benefit matriculating High School seniors and entering collegiate Freshmen who are eighteen years of age or older. However, consideration may be given to applicants in subsequent undergraduate or graduate years of secondary education.

May 18th was the application cut-off date for the 2017 Summer Session ShieldWall Network Academic Scholarship for $250.00, awarded to those students who presented the best crafted answers to the application essay questions:

How have demographics affected the U.S. Presidential elections since 1988?”

“How will the forecasted changing demographic trends likely affect future elections (Presidential or otherwise)?”.

Subsequent ShieldWall Network Academic Scholarships will be offered for the new academic year, prior to the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester.

Essay guidelines: Please complete future submitted essays in 1.5 line-spacing and no larger than 13 pt font, then scan and submit a copy of your High School academic transcript, with the 2-page essay response attached, to


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