One Direction. It’s Not Just A Boy Band.

The explosive growth of the ShieldWall Network and its ladies’ auxiliary, the Shield Maidens, is extremely uplifting and inspiring. I hope that both sides have had an opportunity to read about the ever-increasing size and activism of our meetings and projects, and the great ongoing programs we are developing this summer. If not, please visit The Roper Report and The ShieldWall Network websites for regular updates.
In order to further exacerbate a cohesive and united direction for membership and affiliation in both the ShieldWall Network and the Shield Maidens, we want to make sure that there is one channel of communication for new members, and therefore one contact point. Therefore, for the ladies, please direct all potential Shield Maidens to Tina Roper, the Shield Maiden Coordinator, at, P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. In further amplification of that uniformity of message and outreach, so that the Shield Maidens present the most appealing and attractive message to its future ladies, please pass all recruiting material, online or print, through her for coordination, as well. On the other end, the ShieldWall members are all being funneled through the Men’s Coordinator, Chris Quimby, as well as all printed and online material. This will make things easier for everyone to move together as one. I want to personally thank all of you so much for every thing you say and do on behalf of our people, each and every day.
Best Regards,
Billy Roper
ShieldWall Network Leader

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