June 24th: Harrison, AR.: ShieldWall Network vs. Faggots.

The Roper Report

There’s going to be a Gay Pride parade in Harrison, AR., on June 24th. Let me just say, already, that the ShieldWall Network will be standing against it. Considering that their leadership are a couple of faggots, the Mountain Home John Brown Gun Club and Redneck Revolt will almost certainly come out in support of it. You know about this far enough out that you can begin making plans to attend.

They did say “Welcome ALL”.

 Harrison, June 24th.
“Welcome ALL to this year’s LGBTQ+ Diversity Weekend! An event that promotes equality, diversity, and positivity throughout the community. Enjoy 2 days of exciting performances this year!

Friday, June 23- “Jokes and Drag” Pride Benefit Show at Ugo’s on the Square. 8pm (18+ recommended, adult material)

Saturday, June 24th- Pride Festival- ALL AGES 11:30– Diversity March from the square to Minnie Harris Park.Noon-10PM– Live music, comedy, drag performances…

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