Episode 17: Cut the Cord, Raise Chickens

Helicopter Mom

This is Helicopter Mom. Your hosts this week are Julia, Rachel, and Intern Evelyn who at this point is becoming a co host. Our guest is Kristen La Faye of the podcast Frauenschaft. During the break, we have a recipe segment and a Homesteading Segment. Thank you Volkmom! You did a wonderful job.

Recipe of the week: https://helicoptermomcast.wordpress.com/2017/05/21/triple-chocolate-brownies/

Frauenschaft: https://www.mixcloud.com/fashyfemmes/frauenschaftep2/

Sites to check out:

HM Blog: https://helicoptermomcast.wordpress.com/

Arc Media: www.arcmedia.org/

Identity Dixie: https://identitydixie.com/


Kristen is one of the Fashy Fems

How have the men reacted to having the women involved in a male dominated internet section?

Vetting women

We have to encourage autonomy

Being redpilled by life.


How do you navigate race-mixing extended family members?


~Second Hour~


Isaiah 3

Isaiah 3:6

Rachel watched the Greatest Story Never Told

How do we cope with the isolation and sometimes depression that comes from being redpilled?


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