Manchester Arena Bombing seen as Opportunity to Hug immigrants


A few days ago, Islamic extremist terrorists struck in Manchester at a concert by Black Lives Matter supporter, Ariana Grande.  She was not the target but her naive child fans, lured by the seductive sleaze of the Pied Piper, were targeted.  They might possibly be finding it harder to get the message of love towards Muslims, but the rest of us are expected to see the event as an especially good reason to show concern for the feelings of the bomber’s community.  Muslims would rather we just keep away and not spread our kuffar insanity too thickly.  We disgust them.

Ariana Grande never had anything negative to say about Islam or Muslims.  Even after the bombing, that killed 22 and injured about 50 people, she would not do so.  She is the sort of feminist that would wear a hijab along with nipple tassels and pussy hat while on a…

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