The Summer of Love Begins

The Roper Report

by Cantankerous Ordo
On May 27th, pro-Whites made their presence felt in Harrison with a public display of strength. The Anti-White domestic terrorists from Redneck Revolt were no-shows; if any White Anti-Whites or Feds were present, they were only collecting intel on us. Only a single car full of people were even flipping us the bird and calling us “racists,” an Anti-White hate slur for White People. It is an auspicious way to sound the coming of the new season as things start heating up in the streets.
After the event, we were all treated to some Southern Hospitality at a cookout hosted by RG Miller, the regional leader of the Arkansas Chapter of the League of the South. It was an occasion of merriment and casual banter between the attendees who represented different organizations which took part in the demonstration. Some attendees who didn’t make plans for a…

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