The Solution to Bullying in Schools: Advocacy

For all you mom’s who are unable to homeschool for whatever reason, these points are very important for you to implement. Be active in your child’s public school experience, they need you on their side and involved.

The Women's Fourth Realm

Bullying is a serious issue in schools. Let’s face facts, it has always been an issue, but the way it is dealt with, the reasons why kids get bullied, and how the community deals with the issues of bullying… have all greatly changed.
As a public school teacher, I’ve seen bullying come from all sides for all kinds of reasons.

It’s tough to see but even harder to squash. Conservative kids are becoming targets while those that used to be the stereotypical target are now the bullies. This makes it hard as a teacher to know what to do, who to keep an eye on, and who to protect. But, in truth, we teachers can only do so much.

The ultimate solution to protecting these kids isn’t a great teacher who protects the lot. It’s not a litany of “Zero Tolerance” policies. The best, quickest, and longest lasting solution to…

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