Lucy Flucker Knox

Lucy was described as “a woman of much tact, quick and ready sympathy, and good judgment, combined with great good-nature and a love of fun.”

Ignoring her wealthy parents’ protests and warnings of impending poverty and political ruin, Lucy married Henry Knox on June 16, 1774, shortly before Lucy’s eighteenth birthday, incurring her father’s displeasure by marrying a man in trade. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, theirs was a happy marriage, marred only by the fact that ten of their thirteen children did not live to adulthood.

When Henry escaped Boston to join the Revolutionary forces late one night in the spring of 1775, Lucy rode beside him, his sword sewn inside her cape. That set the pattern for their lives during the war years. From Bunker Hill to Yorktown, she remained as close to her husband as possible throughout the campaigns.


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