7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women: 7 Portrait of a Lady

The Women's Fourth Realm

(a.k.a Dignity in Your Strata)

The woman must form men, develop men, reshape, and love them or she will perish.

When I first started my move to National Socialism, I was resistant. I believed the rhetoric, the lies, that had been force fed to me for so many years. I believed that being a slightly androgynous, career oriented woman was the reality of my life. Needless to say, I was wildly unhappy with no real understanding as to why.As a moderately intelligent woman, I started asking myself why I was so unhappy and why this drastic change in ideals made me feel so much more… complete.

Regardless of the copious amounts of research, the conversations, the inner dialogue, I realized that it was one singular statement that made me recognize that the left wasn’t where I belonged. For the first time, I had someone look me in the eye and…

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