Nationalist Women’s Front and Blood & Honour

Nationalist Women's Front

We are honoured to announce that we are now part of Blood & Honour American Division. Some of us have worked tirelessly over the years to host or co-host events and help where ever help has been needed to ensure a successful event, and we are now pleased that we can stand side by side with our men, in racial unity, under a widely recognized banner with a respected purpose. We are here to compliment our men, not compete with them. Additionally, we want to uphold the traditions as stated below”to further the interests of our Folk and the global effort to preserve our race and communities through communication, unity, and cooperation.”

We look forward to the future endeavors with you all.
Blood & Honour American Division:

An Introduction

The following is a brief offering of general information concerning Blood & Honour, its history, its purpose, its platform, and its…

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