Alcohol Abuse by Talena

Shield Of Sobriety

Alcohol Abuse
I am constantly seeing and hearing people brag about how drunk they’ve got or how much they’ve drunk like it’s something to be proud of, well I have news for you Abusing Alcohol is nothing to be proud of. Then you get the people who encourage this behaviour in others, when, maybe we as their friends, brothers and sisters, should be doing everything we can to help them with this problem and actually be telling them to pull their head in. Being a drunk is no better than being a drug addict. As White Nationalist who supposedly strive to be better than others, this behaviour should not be tolerated, and I personally find it appalling that not only is it happening but it is being encouraged. Those that have been involved in the movement for a long time and who are looked up to, should be acting as an example to the youngsters/newcomers.
Abusing any drug…

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