Random Australian Musings

The Roper Report

by Pure Intensity

It was different for everyone, the tipping point. For me it was Oprah. Aussies are very laid back, for years, Arnotts sold the ‘gollywog’ biscuit without anyone complaining. She sees it in a supermarket and chucks a fit. Whines relentlessly on Aussie media, until eventually Arnotts cucks, and pulls the biscuit from the shelves.

Obviously it happened much earlier than that. I am 41. I don’t buy fast food often, but when I do I am shocked at what I see. In Australia, the wage is based on age, so everyone working in a fast food joint, including managers, is under 18. Not a white soul to be seen. What the hell are our kids going through at school?

Aussies didn’t complain about Oprah chucking a fit. We found it amusing. We are a laid back bunch. Perhaps that has been our undoing…

Yeah both sides of…

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A Great Purge, Long Needed, Is Coming

The Roper Report

by Brett Stevens

Civilization represents an agreement between people to give up some freedoms in exchange for the efficiencies of scale that organizations offer. At some point, this goes too far, and the method becomes the goal, at which point civilization is in decline.

Our civilization encountered its problems by succeeding, which exposed it to new troubles that no one had faced before. This also meant that there was no precedent by which to recognize these problems.

When the method became confused with the goal, our civilization mistook taking care of its citizens for the original goal, which was taking care of those who contributed. Soon people were accepted merely for being alive, and this created a majority of people without purpose who promptly took over and used civilization for their own ends.

Their triumph, a series of individualist ideas from the Renaissance through the Obama presidency, seemed unstoppable until…

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Dr. Michael Hill: “On Blood, Death, and Dying”.

The Roper Report

by Dr. Michael Hill

At my Uncle Sam’s place in rural Monroe County, Mississippi, I witnessed my first hog killin’. It was on a cold day in January and I was about eight or nine years old. My Uncle shot the hog between the eyes with a .22 rifle and then the process of cleaning, gutting, and carving up the animal began. Though the men handled most of the heavy work, the women were there to assist. I’m convinced that women, because of certain natural processes God has made unique to them, are not as squeamish about blood as some men are.

So when our ancestors—and those today who still live to some degree like their ancestors, whether by choice or necessity—wanted meat to eat, they usually had to kill it and dress it before actually cooking and consuming it. Bloodshed was involved from the start. Today, most moderns get…

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The Cave Beast Report

The Roper Report

On the one hand, this is what happens when old people (I’m 45) try to use hip new trendy Millennial technology. What I thought was going to be a Google Plus text AMA (Ask Me Anything) group interview, was actually a telephone group chat, which wasn’t just audio, as I’d thought, but a video chat, at that. So, there are clear video shots of my ear, one eye, up my nose, et cetera, for you to enjoy. Also, the audio is a bit choppy in spots because of the imperfect connection. And my phone battery died halfway through, about a half hour in. But still, it was an interesting live discussion of balkanization and the coming breakup of America. The two hosts are intelligent and articulate White patriots. Or, in old folks’ talk, they’re really such nice young men…sheesh.

Here’s the link to the Billy Roper guest appearance on The…

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Auction 1 for Jacob Goodwin Legal Defense Fund

The Roper Report

The first item up for auction to raise funds for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense is this high quality reproduction HJ Hitler Youth knife, pictured, generously donated to the fundraiser by one of Jacob’s best friends and a fellow ShieldWall Network member. The blade reads “Blood and Honor” in German, and the handle bears the distinctive Hitler Youth swastika emblem. This is a great collector’s piece!

The Hitler Youth Knife may be the most famous knife of World War II. From the time of the formation of the Hitler Youth to the end of the war, the Hitler Youth wore knives of this style as a part of their uniform. With minor differences being made during this production era, the most significant being the engraving of the Hitler Youth motto on the blade starting in early 1937.

With the importance of this knife being established long ago, there has been a…

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Matt Hale needs your help

Mrs. Roper

Friends and supporters:

Friend or foe? I have been sending out all the updates on my son, Matt Hale. I have sent you the link to sign a petition we have on change.org, asking you to sign to request that President Trump grant Matt a “Commutation of Sentence”. I have asked you to send the President and Jeff Sessions a letter asking for Matt to be granted a “commutation of Sentence” I sent you form letters so that all you needed to do is print them out, sign them and send them. I have sent you the link for fundedjustice.com so that you can donate to help Matt with his legal fees and commissary so that Matt can order healthy foods. Here’s the deal! If you care about Matt, do your part in helping Matt to survive in that hellhole as he has managed to do for over 13 years…

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ShieldWall Network hosts Jacob Goodwin’s parents at legal defense fundraiser.

The Roper Report

What had originally been planned as a ShieldWall Network OktoberFest Social evolved into a much-needed fundraising event for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund on October 14th in central Arkansas. While there still was plenty of German food: bratwursts, sausages, frankfurters, and kraut and spicy mustard, potato salad and a buffet table of snack foods, drinks and German chocolate cakes and other delights such as pumpkin soup, the main focus was on our guests of honor.

Jacob Goodwin’s parents spoke with passion and emotional strength about their son,  a young White patriot now held in the Lonoke County in jail in Arkansas on a warrant out of Charlottesville, Virginia, following his arrest by U.S. Marshals. Jacob’s mother discussed the unfair contrast between how Jacob and his co-defendants from the August 12th free speech rally have been held without bond, and how the two black assailants arrested in their assault were immediately…

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Political Violence Is Inevitable In America

The Roper Report

The future looks like it has a lot of Balkanization and political violence in it.

Submitted by James Karlsson

From Alt Right.com


The shooting in Las Vegas is part and parcel now of living in the West. Nowhere in the West is it more evident now than in America that the many racial and ethnic groups are fighting over a carcass. A dead bag of ideas and principles that has been festering since at least 1965.

The many ethnic and racial groups that comprise modern America are scavenging at this carcass in a desperate frenzy to grasp what resources from it that they can and as those resources begin to run out it will lead to confrontation and conflict.

The country is on the edge of a radical conflict that will change the very geopolitical and demographic makeup of the North American continent. The old America of 1965 is…

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An Open Letter by Arkansans to Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson

Mrs. Roper

An Open Letter by Arkansans to Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson

Dear Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson,

Jacob Goodwin, a young Arkansas man arrested recently on a social media-driven witchhunt crusade inspired charge out of Charlottesville,Virginia, has never had so much as a parking ticket. He will not receive a fair trial in the politically charged, biased climate of Charlottesville. Just the day after he was arrested, the man he is alleged to have assaulted was booked on a similar charge stemming from the same incident, but was instantly granted bail. In stark contrast, the other two co-defendants of Jacob Goodwin’s have not been allowed bail, nor has another man who simply used pepper spray in self defense the same day. Because he will not receive a fair trial in Charlottesville, we ask Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to NOT agree to extradite Jacob Goodwin to Virginia, as he will be requested to.

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